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Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is available for a number of Morris courses.

Drop-In Study Room

Drop-In study rooms provide collaborative spaces to work with peers on daily work and test preparation. Tutors are available to assist students on a question-by-question basis, but students are strongly encouraged to partner with classmates. Tutor/tutee interactions are generally brief and intermittent.

Chemistry Drop-In Study Room

Science 3005 (Chemistry Lounge)
Ruby DeBellis
Courses Supported
  • CHEM 1101, CHEM1102, CHEM 2301, CHEM 2304, BIOL 1111, BIOL 2111, BIOL 3121, MATH 901, MATH 1021, MATH 1101
  • Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm-10pm

Katie McCreary
Katie McCreary
Courses Supported
  • CHEM 1101, CHEM 1102, CHEM 2101. BIOL 1111, BIOL 2101
  • Sunday and Thursday 8pm-10pm

Mathematics & Physics Drop-In Study Room

Briggs 260
Monday–Thursday: 7–10 p.m.
Shenning Zhang
Courses Supported
  • MATH 1101, MATH 1102, MATH 2101, MATH 2202, STAT 1601, 2611, STAT 4671
  • Sunday 7pm- 9pm

Joe Flack
Courses Supported
  • MATH 1101, MATH 1102, BIOL 1111, PHYS 1101, CHEM 1101, CHEM 1102, CHEM 2301, CHEM 2302
  • Monday and Wednesday 7pm-9pm

Paula Mercurio
Courses Supported
  • MATH 1101, MATH 1102, PHYS 1101, MATH 1021, PRE CALCULUS (“which class?” Written in excel)
  • Monday and Wednesday 8pm-10pm

Yuting Xiau
Courses Supported
  • MATH 1101, MATH 1102
  • Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-10pm

Appointment-Based Tutoring

Peer tutors are available to work with students in one-on-one and small group sessions. A number of 1000- and 2000- level courses are supported by the tutor program. Walk-in visits are welcome during listed hours, but scheduled appointments are recommended.

Schedule a tutor appointment online or or call 320-589-6178.

All appointment-based tutoring will take place on the main level of Briggs Library to the right of the reference desk, unless otherwise noted.
Bill Sweidan
Courses Supported
  • CHEM 1101, CHEM 1102, GEOL 2101, GEOL 2111
  • Monday 6pm-8pm and Wednesday 5pm-7pm

Denis Ostroushko
Courses Supported
  • ECON 1111, ECON 1112, MATH 1601
  • Tuesday 7pm-9pm, Thursday 7pm-9pm

Lucas Bonkrude
Courses Supported
  • MGMT 2101, MGMT 2102
  • Monday 7pm-9pm

Meara Davis
Courses Supported
  • STAT 1601, MATH 1101, MATH 1102, MATH 2111, ECON 1111, ECON 1112, ECON 3202, SPAN 2002
  • Monday 1pm-3pm, Wednesday 7pm-9pm

Molly Hancuh
Courses Supported
  • BIOL 3121, BIOL 2111, BIOL 1111, CHEM 2304, CHEM 2301, CHEM 1101, CHEM 1102
  • Tuesday 7pm-9pm and Thursday 2pm-3pm

Nicole Palmer
Courses Supported
  • ASL 1001, ASL 1002
  • Tuesday 12-1, Wednesday 2-3

Maija Kittleson
Courses Supported
  • STAT 1601, MATH 1101, Intro to Sociology (Excel does not have the course number)
  • Sunday 7pm-8pm, Thursday 5pm-7pm

Looking for assistance in a discipline/course that isn’t listed? Please complete a Tutor Request Form. The Office of Academic Success will make every effort to connect you with a tutor and/or other academic support resources.

Looking for assistance with writing? The Writing Center offers students the opportunity to meet with a consultant (either a fellow student or an English instructor) about their writing. They can work with students on specific papers/assignments and on writing in general.