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Morris Alumni Association Policy for Campus Giving

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The UMM Alumni Association (UMMAA) serves alumni, students and UMM by fostering communication and relationships, developing alumni contributions of volunteer and financial support, and nurturing the unique educational experience of UMM by directing alumni gifts to needs of students, faculty and the campus community.

The UMMAA contributes a portion of gifts received each year from alumni toward the advancement and improvement of the campus community. Support focuses primarily on projects that assist students and student organizations with needs that fall outside of normal funding channels. Philanthropic projects are intended to benefit a number of students, with UMMAA contributions not normally directed to individual students.

Philanthropic projects are identified and supported from proposals submitted by students and student organizations and from staff recommendations. Projects are evaluated for their overall impact on the UMM community and the appropriateness of alumni support. UMMAA funding may cover all or a portion of the amount requested or may be denied. Requests for funding on projects that assist students and student organizations must be submitted to the Alumni Association Board of Directors through the Director of Alumni Relations at least four weeks prior to the meeting where they are to be acted upon.

A brief written proposal should include:

  • Description and background of the project, including the “who, what, when, where, why, and how”
  • Relevance of the project to the group and/or the campus
  • Budget for project, including the total needed, the amount requested from the UMMAA, evidence that other sources of funding have been contacted, and the overall plans for raising the needed budget
  • Why the UMMAA support is needed and why it is appropriate
  • The proposal must have a plan for disseminating the results of the project to the student body
  • The UMM Alumni Association should be publicly recognized by the recipient as a contributor for all grant money awarded. A brief statement describing the results of the project should be directed to the Alumni Association Board of Directors through the Director of Alumni Relations.

Preference will be given to requests that take place on the UMM campus or demonstrate direct benefit to the UMM student body if not on campus.

The UMMAA seeks to assist a broad and diverse representation of the campus community. Thus, in most cases, funding from the UMMAA will not be recurring and gifts will range from $100–$500.

A list of previous UMM Alumni Association contributions is available upon request.

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