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Email for Life

Email for degree recipients

If you have earned a degree from the University of Minnesota, you are eligible for a lifelong email account.

  • Expiration: If you do not check your email for one year, your email account will expire and your email files may be deleted for maintenance purposes.
  • Activation: To activate your email account, call the Help Desk at 612-301-4357. Please note that your old email files may no longer be available.

Email for all other former students

If you have taken classes at the University but did not receive a degree, your email account will remain active for two semesters after your last term of registration.

  • During this time, the University will use your email address for official communications to you, so you should check your email regularly.
  • After two semesters, your email account will be deleted.
  • Your email account will be re-activated if you register for classes, but your old email files may no longer be available.

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