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Annually Funded Student Group Online Budget Tool

What are Annual Allocations to Student Groups?

  • AFRC funds used to solidify funding for programs and activities happening during the next academic year.
  • Organizations requesting an annual operating budget allocation from AFRC must:
    1. Have consistent programming and a documented budget history going back at least three years. (Funding of activities during this period are usually reflected in past Assistance to Student Groups awards.)
    2. Anticipate needing more than $1,000 in funding assistance for the next academic year.
    3. Be willing to invest a great deal of time, energy, and preparation in long-range program planning, the budget request process, and ongoing budget management.

Accessing the Online Budget tool

  1. UMM Student Organizations Database
  2. Right Hand Side: Click Login Officer (Use x500 and password)
  3. Click on Your Organization

Online Budget Tool

Two Categories

  • Narrative Portion
  • Budget Planner

Note: In the upper right hand corner Jump to Year: 2012-2013


This section will include a contact person for the organization that is capable of answering budget questions and will be making the budget presentation to the committee. It will also include phone number, UMM PO box, and email address. The portion is meant to qualitatively describe their budget for the following year.

Budget Planner

The Budget Planner is used to create a line item budget for the upcoming school year.

Each Line Item has Three Components

  1. Description
  2. Account Category
    • Revenues and Expenditures
  3. Projected Amount

Note: After Annual Allocations, student groups must go back and edit their budget to accurately reflect their allocation amount.