University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes

November 16, 2000

The Campus Assembly met on Thursday, November 16, 2000, at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium.

I. Chancellor's Remarks

Sam Schuman commented on the news circulating from the Board of Regents report last week regarding student perceptions of various aspects of the four campuses. As you know, UMM did very well, overall satisfaction rate was higher than the other campuses.

  1. Minutes of October 15, 2000 Assembly meeting were approved with two minor changes.

III. Changes from Curriculum Committee

Mike Korth reported the Curriculum Committee has discussed the best method for distributing such a large quantity of curriculum change forms to Campus Assembly members. Their recommendation is to put the forms on the web, and perhaps also have hard copies available in the library and Division Offices. The forms are available online at

Korth commented on the split between the mathematics and statistics disciplines. A member of the Scholastic Committee would like to see statistics split off because of the quantity of petitions they must review related to this. Another member added the difficulty when students are going over the 40 credit limit. Change of 40 to 48 credits was approved.

The Spring 2000 Curriculum Change and Fall 2000 Catalog Changes were approved.

IV. For Action

Scholastic Committee Transfer of D- grades

The Registrar and Transfer Specialist, Ruth Thielke, has asked the Scholastic Committee to review whether D- grades should be accepted in transfer. Because the University grading policy does not include a D- among grades that can be assigned, she has not accepted them. After thoughtful discussion the Committee voted that grades of D- not be accepted. The D- grade does not exist as an option in the all-University grading policy. A D- is below the acceptable performance level. Allowing transfers to use 10 credits of D- would be unfair to other UMM students.

Greg Thorson noted faculty are forced with an unfortunate decision of giving a D or F and believes the intent behind D- grade would be the minimum passing grade. Ruth Thielke noted there are only a minimum number of students that this would apply. The credit limit toward degree is 10 semester hours of D grade or lower.

Recommendation from Scholastic Committee not to accept D- grades was approved.

Scholar of the College Criteria

The Functions & Awards Committee is seeking final Assembly approval of proposed new Scholar of the College award as presented:

SCHOLAR OF THE COLLEGE AWARD are competitive and are presented annually to students who have demonstrated distinguished scholarship (e.g. research, artistic endeavor, performance) in one or more academic disciplines and at a level that is clearly above and beyond the normal requirements of coursework and paid employment in the discipline(s).

Peter Whelan noted explained this award is not given lightly, it is a prestigious award for work, artistic endeavor or performance. John Hitchcock expressed concern about Studio Art students not being eligible for award if they haven't participated in a juried competition. Jenny Nellis expressed concern about how evidence is substantiated. It appears unclear what criteria has been used by the Functions & Awards Committee. She does not believe there has been enough consultation about very specific things that go with each discipline and would like to Functions & Awards Committee to ask each discipline what works for them. Whelan doesn't think the committee had any idea of the nuances. The committee has tried to reach out to the campus regarding the perception of iniquities. Over the years, the lack of substantiation has been a problem. Margaret Kuchenreuther thinks students should be allowed to let faculty know they would like to be nominated. Several faculty expressed concern about the language used to describe the award. Whelan said the committee is open to alternative language if that's the issue.

Eric Klinger voted to substitute the word selective for competitive, second by Van Gooch. Schuman noted the amendment made and suggested to move ahead and vote on the statement. The F&A can invite disciplines to meet with them. Amendment to delete distinguished scholarship was made. After some discussion, it was presented to read as follows:

CRITERIA: Scholar of the College Awards are selective and are presented annually to students who have demonstrated distinguished contributions to scholarship (e.g. research, artistic endeavor, performance) in one or more of the academic disciplines. Students are nominated by faculty and endorsed by the Functions and Awards Committee.

Greg Thorson offered motion to reconsider proposal, second by Cyrus Bina. Whelan said the committee could revert to prior proposal but added the F&A really needs to move on this one way or another and asked if Assembly would like the opportunity to revise again although he is comfortable with the proposal as amended. Schuman asked if Assembly would like to opportunity to revise the twice amended proposal. Albert Matongo moved to accept proposal, second by Mary Elizabeth Bezanson.

V. Senator's Report


VI. Old Business


VII. New Business


Adjourned at 6:00 p.m.