University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes

December 4, 2001



The Campus Assembly met on Tuesday, December 4 at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium.

  1. Election to replace Pieranna Garavaso on Consultative Committee.
  2. Garavaso addressed Assembly by stating that this is her third and last year on the Consultative Committee and because she has accepted the position of Assistant Chair in the Humanities Division, she feels she should leave the committee. She believes the committee plays an important role on campus and thinks it would be useful if someone from P&A could be represented. Margaret Kuchenreuther nominated David Wuolu, second by Keith Brugger. Dian Lopez moved to cease nominations. Wuolu elected by affirmation.

  3. Minutes of November 5, 2001 Assembly meeting were approved as distributed.
  4. Chancellor's Remarks
  5. Chancellor Schuman announced suggested spring semester meetings dates: February 25, March 20, and April 25. Please note: the February 25 date has been changed to February 19. He then commented on the year end budget that was announced today and the projected 1.9 billion dollar deficit. This is clearly bad news for the University of Minnesota and he feels we should probably brace ourselves. In the midst of this gloomy news, it's just possible this could be good news for the Social Science Renovation. The legislators seem to be very receptive to our message and this could be a good way to jump start our economy. He also noted that we are in the beginning phase of establishing a budget for next year. He has discussed our budget making process with the Consultative Committee, Campus Resources & Planning Committee, and will be meeting with the Administrative Committee soon. The Vice Chancellor for Finance will be meeting with budgetary units to determine a budget.

  6. Committee Replacements
  7. Heather Pennie becomes chair of Student Services Committee

    Carol Marxen replaces Ray Schultz on Scholastic Committee

  8. The following items from Curriculum Committee were approved
  9. Engl 2151 Writing with Technology

    Th 3201f Advanced Acting and Directing: Period Styles

    Th 3202s Advanced Acting and Directing: Realism and Alternatives

    Pol 3267 Variable Topics in American Politics: Courtroom Proceedings in American

    State and Federal Courts

    Psy 3051s The Psychology of Women

    Psy 3221f Biological Psychology

    Psy 3403s Development Psychology III: Adulthood, Aging, and Death

    After discussion about prerequisites for Psy 3221f Behavior Biology of Women, will go back to Curriculum Committee.


  10. Report from John F. Schwaller on 2002-2006 academic calendars
  11. Schwaller reported that the main reason for presenting this to Assembly is to address the issue of commencement. Currently, commencement is held on a Friday afternoon and this places a hardship on families to get here and it makes it difficult to have a Board of Regent member at our ceremony because of the Regents meeting schedule. If we move the commencement to Saturday, this alleviates both problems.

  12. Senators Reports
  13. Reid LeBeau asked for clarification on the 13 credit minimum. Bert Ahern said the report on retention indicates that there are too few students enrolled full time. There is a proposal suggesting that students registered for seven credits or less would pay by the hour and students registered for 8-20 credits would pay a flat fee. Students in their first year of college tend to enroll full time, and then there is a downward shift. Ahern's sense is this will not be an issue on our campus. Ahern also mentioned another retention issue that will likely impact our campus and that is early warning for students in difficult in 1000 level courses. Jeff Ratliff-Crain thought it would be helpful if the Scholastic Committee and the Registrar develop UMM's position on this. Schuman encouraged appropriate committees and offices to discuss.

  14. Old Business
  15. None

  16. New Business


Adjourned at 5:20 p.m.