University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes

March 15, 2001


The Campus Assembly met on Thursday, March 15, 2001, at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium.

  1. Chancellor's Remarks
  2. Given the recent editorials in the University Register regarding tenure, Sam Schuman felt it was appropriate to reiterate that the UMM administration has been and remains staunch defenders for the tenure system. Schuman briefly talked about the budget request currently before the legislature. He guessed the University would come out somewhere between the University's request and the Governor's proposal. If the University does not get their budget approved until May, UMM will not get its final budget until then. He wanted to alert faculty and staff that salary letters may not be finalized prior to graduation. He has not seen any moves on compromising from either side and noted three things come into play: tuition, salaries, and reallocations. There is a lot at stake for us and the University and he believes this remains a tense session.

    Schuman also noted it has been one year since he was "permanatized" as chancellor and his dream is still to be chancellor of UMM.

  3. Minutes of November 16, 2000 Assembly minutes approved on motion by Bina, second by Richards.
  4. Scholar of the College Recommendations
  5. Motion from Function & Awards Committee to approve list of Scholars of the College as presented. This year's scholars are Chris Anderson, Bridget Barfnecht, Angela Bos, Jing Chan, Jill Doerfler, Heidi Doyen, Jeremy Dressen, Dustin Engstrom, Lynnae Glieden, Allison Harell, Sarah Kjolhaug, Karl Krohn, Luke Ludwig, Kevira Mertha, Christina Nohre, Jody Remer, Brenda Schultz, Sarah Sjogren, Karen Smith, Gretchen Weinrich, Sarah Wilm, Helen Lena Wollan, and Amanda Wobbema.

    Peter Whelan thanked Assembly for having faith in the Functions & Awards Committee. He wished everyone could have the opportunity to look at the dossiers to see the very fine accomplishments our students have made.

  6. For information from the Scholastic Committee
  7. Reconsideration of D Policy

    Bert Ahern was puzzled why this was not an action item if there is a need to affirm policy and asked to move to discuss under New Business.

    Religious Studies Transfer Policy

    The Scholastic Committee presented a proposal to accept religious coursework from unaccredited institutions. The policy states: Religious studies courses from regionally accredited institutions will go through the normal transfer review. Religious studies courses from proprietary post-secondary schools that do not have regional accreditation will go through a special review process. Up to 12 semester credits (a maximum of 3 per full-time semester) may be awarded for religious studies courses. Four semester credits from Artistic Performance courses may be added for a total transfer maximum of 16 semester credits. Transcripts, course descriptions, and syllabi will be reviewed by the Registrar. Faculty and/or Scholastic Committee will be consulted as needed. After some discussion and because the Registrar was unable to attend Assembly, Schuman suggested waiting until the next meeting to discuss.

    UMM Exam Policy Clarification

    The Scholastic Committee sent out a reminder clarifying the on going UMM Exam Policy for evening testing. Michael O'Reilly stated he schedules evening exams to give students more time to think and believes he would now be constricted with the new policy. Schuman noted we are not creating a new policy, simply clarifying the existing policy. If faculty wish an exemption to give night tests, they must apply to the Dean after discussion with the appropriate Division Chair.

  8. For information from Executive Committee. Committee replacements.
  9. Rita Lampert replaces Nancy Mooney on Student Services Committee

    Jodi Jansen replaces Michelle Knutson on Student Services Committee

    Andre Chouravong replaces Bryan Welle on CRPC

    Andre Chouravong, Kevin Ely and Sabrina Walton replace Amanda Wobbema, Michael Sullivan and Keia Johnson on Campus Assembly

    Jenifer Cushman replaces Rickey Hall on Scholastic Committee

    Cyrus Bina will serve on Faculty Development Committee

  10. For information from Executive Committee. Constitutional Amendment Request from Morris Academic Staff Association.

The members of the Morris Academic Staff Association (MASA) respectfully request that the following amendment to the University of Minnesota, Morris Constitution be brought before Campus Assembly during the spring semester 2000 for discussion and vote:

Constitution - Article V. Campus Consultative Committee - Section 1. Organization

  1. There is a Campus Consultative Committee consisting of four faculty members (including academic staff) AND ONE ACADEMIC STAFF MEMBER; four students, four civil service members; and two ex officio non-voting members, the UMM faculty and student representatives to the Senate Consultative Committee. The Chancellor and vice chancellors, AND division chairs, superintendents, registrar, and directors are not eligible for membership.

Schuman noted the Executive Committee discussed this request at great length and recommends MASA meet with Consultative Committee after an informal discussion at Assembly. He added there would are two significant changes that would be made: Consultative Committee would be adding another seat and the elimination of exclusion of registrar and directors.

Tom Mahoney noted that at the time the campus moved from Faculty Assembly to Campus Assembly, the P&A positions did not exist. MASA surveyed its members, and there was an overwhelming response to add the additional position and not to take a faculty position. Bert Ahern added when Consultative Committee was created, it was meant as a way to address concerns, that's why the by-laws explicitly state the distinction of subcommittees so each constituency would covered. The reason directors were excluded at time was because they were supervisors. He also noted the University Senate has recognized the important steps the University has taken and is hoping to clarify who instructs. Bowers added at UMM there is a well organized group who communicate with each other about their concerns. Thorson noted he was sympathetic regarding the need for representation on key committees but added we are trying to piecemeal our constitution. Farrell added the additional slot of Academic Staff would change the voting in Assembly and he doesn't think the University should go this direction. After more discussion about the suggested revisions to the constitution, Schuman suggested moving on the next agenda item. Bowers called point of order adding the constitution must be presented at Campus Assembly.

  1. For information from United Staff Association Elections for 2001-2002.
  2. Senator's Report
  3. No report

  4. Old Business
  5. None

  6. New Business

Bert Ahern moved to accept Reconsideration of D Policy, second by Fred Farrell. The policy states "The limit on the number of credits of D will be raised from 10 to 12. This will allow students to earn D's in three courses under semesters, as they did under quarters." Under quarters, UMM allowed students to earn 15 (of 180) D credits. Since most quarter courses carried 5 credits, students could use D's from three courses. The conversion formula changed the number of D credits under semesters from 15 to 10 (of 120). By raising the D limit from 10 credits to 12, we will allow semester students to use D grades from three 4 credit courses.

Adjourned at 5:50 p.m.