University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes

May 2, 2001


The Campus Assembly met on Wednesday, May 2, 2001, at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium. There was some variation in the order of the agenda to facilitate election voting.

I. Chancellor's Remarks

Chancellor Schuman expressed his personal thanks to individuals who have filled in on an acting basis in very crucial posts: Ted Underwood, Jenny Nellis, Nancy Carpenter, Judy Kuechle and Peh Ng in the Dean's Office and Sandy Olson-Loy and Gary Strei in their Vice Chancellor roles. He noted it has been a blessing for him to work with all of them as we continued to move this college ahead.

Schuman talked about a special report titled "Colleges Brace for the Downturn" in The Chronicle of Higher Education. The article headline reads "For Public Colleges, a Decade of Generous State Budgets is Over." Schuman does not feel that UMM has been in fiscal flushness over the last decade. However, we have been able to harden eight temporary positions; gone from 4 x 1/3 to 6 x 1/2 single term leaves; added staff and reorganized in Admissions & Financial Aid office, and External Relations; our web presence has increased; we have added faculty in Anthropology, History, Biology, Art History, Political Science, English, Math, Spanish and Computer Science. He feels we are in a pretty good position heading into next year; however, we will need to separate the essential from the desirable and will need to get used to hearing "no" more often. The difficult times ahead will separate the strong from the flabby and Schuman believes we are rock solid. We know and agree what our mission is and we do it very well.

  1. Elections

Elections were held for the 2001-2002 Executive Committee, Consultative Committee, and Parliamentarian. Angie Bos moved to defer election of student members until next year. Prince Amattoe seconded motion stating the majority of students were not properly informed. Motion passes.

Executive Committee

Vice Chair -- Jon Anderson

Secretary -- Keith Brugger

Faculty/P&A #1 -- Pareena Lawrence

Faculty/P&A #2 -- Rickey Hall

USA Rep -- Dorothy DeJager


Roland Guyotte

Consultative Committee

Gwen Rudney (2001-2003 2nd term)

Engin Sungur (2001-2002 3rd term)

Pieranna Garavaso and Paula O'Loughlin continue on the Consultative Committee.

Gwen Rudney addressed the Assembly regarding committee representation on the Consultative Committee. Morris Academic Staff Association (MASA) are concerned that their employment group is not represented on the Consultative Committee. Members of MASA have requested an amendment change to the constitution. Rudney read from the constitution noting that elected members of the Consultative Committee do not represent constituencies but act in the best interests of the entire community of UMM. Tim Dunn, a student member of the Consultative Committee, said he thought Gwen has done an excellent job as chair.

  1. Minutes of 3/15/01 Assembly were approved.
  2. Proposed 2001-2001 Assembly and Adjunct Committee Rosters were approved as distributed.
  3. The following items from the Curriculum Committee were approved:
  1. Psy 1051, 1102, 1101, 3101, and 3211 description changes

Add Engl 3053 and Pol 3504 to list of allowed electives in LAAS major

Econ 3909 and 4910 are new topics that require approval of GER designators

Hist 3103, 3153, 3552, 3704, 3705 and 3706 are new topics courses with various GER


SeEd 4201 will be changed to have HDiv designation

CSci 1001H: adding an honors version

IS 1091H: adding an honors version

Biol 100x Biological Rhythms and Phys 3001 Astrophysics: new topics courses

Math Major Requirements and Licensure Requirements.

2. Change in Degree Requirements:

Mike Korth explained the rationale for modifying the paragraph in the UMM bulletin that describes the limitations as to which UMM courses may be used to fulfill the 60 credit general education requirements. The committee recommends modifying as follows: In some instances, the specific general education requirements may be met using fewer than 60 UMM credits. If this occurs, then elective courses, introductory or advanced, from any discipline outside the major, with the exception of accounting courses in management, internships in interdisciplinary studies, and courses in elementary education, or secondary education, and wellness and sport science, or accounting courses in management, that do not have GER designators, may be used to fulfill the remaining credits of the 60-credit general education requirement. After some discussion about the language used, Sam Schuman asked to send change back to Curriculum Committee to clarify the language.

  1. New Majors in Anthropology and Statistics were approved.

VI. Description of new Student Opinion of Teaching Survey

Joel Eisinger, chair of the Faculty Development Committee, explained the committee has been committed to changing the new SOTS to a computer readable form, specific to our campus. The FDC recommends that institutions continue to ask questions 6-8 on the old form because they are the most useful on the entire questionnaire. Details still need to be addressed whether or not this information about be used in tenure review. Bert Ahern expressed concern about the student release questions on the back of the new form and whether they were appropriate and asked to defer to Assessment of Student Learning to come up with questions that tell us what we want to know. He also added the Senate Committee on Education Policy just passed legislature precluding us from asking certain questions. Sam Schuman suggested this item be moved to New Business for further discussion.

VII. Proposed Residency Requirement Request from Scholastic Committee as stated was approved.

For action: UMM students will be required to earn 15 of 30 credits in residence in the senior year. As under quarters, credits earned through the University's College of Continuing Education are considered residence credits. AP, CLEP, and IB credits are considered non-resident credits.

Background: A semester residency requirement is under discussion at the all-University level. The quarter policy, set by the Regents, required a student to present 45 quarter credits from the individual UM college through which the degree is earned. Using the 3/2 conversion ratio, 45

quarter credits become 30 semester credits. This portion of the new all-University residency policy, which will apply to all UM colleges, was approved by the UMM Scholastic Committee prior to the move to semesters. Since this change was based on a strict 3/2 conversation, it was not brought to the Assembly.

Also under discussion at the all-University level is the number of credits which must be taken in the senior year. This portion of the policy may be interpreted and/or refined by individual UM colleges. Under quarters, UMM students were required to complete 30 of the last 45 credits in the senior year. A strict 3/2 quarter to semester conversion would make this "20 of the last 30 credits," requiring most students to be on campus for both semesters of the senior year. The Scholastic Committee voted to adjust the residency requirement in the senior year to 15 semester credits to match the average load for one semester (15 semester credits).

This UMM semester residency policy has been operational and appears in the 1999-2001 and 2001-2003 catalogs. The second portion of the policy, which is not a strict conversion, was not brought to the Assembly earlier through an oversight. Since this is an issue being discussed by SCEP, it would be timely to have the Assembly confirm the Scholastic Committee's

interpretation of residency.

  1. Senator's Report

No Report

  1. Old Business
  2. None

  3. New Business

Bart Finzel moved to have Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) - Form C-SR (Student Release) form reviewed by Assessment of Student Learning to develop questions unique to UMM and its mission. Greg Thorson added he supports Bart's motion. Nancy Carpenter stated she does not agree to send the form to Assessment of Student Learning. Bill Hunt made a motion to adjourn. Motion opposed. Cyrus Bina made a motion to extend meeting 15 minutes, second by Greg Thorson. Prince Amattoe called the question and moved to refer the form to Assessment of Student Learning. Approved.

Bart Finzel motioned to adjourn, second by Darla Peterson.

Adjourned at 6:05 p.m.