University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Assembly Minutes

November 5, 2001

The Campus Assembly met on Monday, November 5 at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium.

I.    Introduction to Campus Assembly

Roland Guyotte gave a brief introduction/orientation on Campus Assembly and read the powers of assembly from the UMM Constitution as stated:

Section 7. Powers

The assembly, as the policy-making and legislative body, exercises general legislative authority and responsibility in all educational matters concerning the Morris Campus delegated to it by the University Senate and the Board of Regents. The powers and responsibilities generally include the following:

A. To establish appropriate policies, procedures, and regulations governing the educational aspects of the campus program. Areas included are curriculum, library, honors, functions, admissions, graduation, teacher education, residential life, athletics, student activities, awards, financial aid, student behavior, and campus events, but not including the recommendation of students for graduation or graduation with honors---a power reserved for the faculty.

B. To establish and review the actions of assembly, adjunct, special, and ad hoc committees of the assembly.

C. To review the actions of the Executive Committee.

D. To receive and discuss reports from the chancellor and other administrative officers of the campus, or to request reports on matters affecting the campus.

E. To discuss and act upon any measure or question appropriate to the legislative body of the campus.

F. To delegate any of the above powers.

The UMM Constitution can be found in its entirety at <>.

II.    Minutes of May 2, 2001 Assembly were approved as distributed.

III.   Chancellor's Remarks

Chancellor Schuman said he has spent a great deal of time this academic year talking to all sorts of constituents and wanted to brief the assembly on what he talks about. He usually begins with a quote from Dickens', "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times." He also talks about our football program, even though our players are scrappy and our coaches hardworking, the season has been disappointing. However, some of our less visible sports have had a good season. Schuman also commented on the homecoming issue by saying he has spent more time on the selection of the homecoming royalty than any thing else since his time at UMM. The administration has been under a great of pressure because they did not step in and stop the event, something Schuman would have completely resisted. He then read the attached statement he has used in responding to letters and e-mail messages. Schuman also spoke about some very good things happening at UMM: the growth of UMM's student body is the largest in the U of MN; the quality of our students is dauntingly high; UMM students are enormously more gratified by interactions with teachers; and our Capitol Campaign is moving along swimmingly. He also mentioned that President Yudof is scheduled to visit UMM on November 29.

The next Campus Assembly meeting will be Tuesday, December 4. The Executive Committee will determine meeting dates for spring semester based input from committees who have time sensitive issues.

IV.    Committee replacements

Chris DeVries replaces Todd Neuharth on Curriculum Committee
Leslie Meek becomes new chair of Scholastic Committee
Ray Schultz replaces Loreen Olson on Scholastic Committee
Rich Heyman replaces Rickey Hall on Scholastic Committee
Peter Whelan replaces David Craig on Academic Support Services Committee
Anna Dronzek replaces Farah Gilanshah on Academic Support Services Committee
Pam Bustos replaces Vincente Cabrera on International Programs Committee
Chris Lee replaces Ish Haji on International Programs Committee
Albert Matongo replaces Susan Bernardin on Minority Experience Committee
Laurie Hedlund replaces Aida Martinez on Minority Experience Committee
LeAnn Dean becomes new chair of Minority Experience Committee
An election was held to replace Dorothy DeJager as USA representative to the Executive Committee. Sara Haugen was nominated and subsequently elected as the USA representative.

V.    Election to replace Pieranna Garavaso on Consultative Committee

Jenny Nellis asked that the election be postponed until the next meeting because her division did not receive the assembly agenda until the day of the meeting. Garavaso wants to speak on this issue and she was not able to attend today.

VI.    The following items from Curriculum Committee were approved.

Mus 122 Guitar
Mus 1222 Electric Bass
Hist 3456 Variable Topics in U.S. History: History of Religion in America
Soc 3253 Variable Topics in Social Structure: The Self and Society
Soc 3254 Variable Topics in Social Structure: The Sociology of Religion
Mgmt 4500 Variable Topics in Global Business
Mgmt 4501 Variable Topics in Global Business: Globalization and Business Strategy
Mgmt 4502 Variable Topics in Global Business: Technological Change, Labor Market, and Skill Formation
Mgmt 4503 Variable Topics in Global Business: Stabilization and Development in Latin America

VII.    Jurisdiction of Student of Teaching Evaluations

The Executive Committee would like the Assessment of Student Learning Committee to consult with the Faculty Development Committee to address questions raised. The Student of Teaching Evaluation form could then be brought back to assembly after committees have met.

VIII.   Senator's Reports

Dian Lopez reported the Committee on Committees looks for candidates from the UMM campus and asks faculty members to fill out and return interest forms. Bert Ahern reported that SCEP is discussing three issues: the use of teaching evaluations when reviewing peers; the need for all courses at U of MN to have syllabus; and civic learning/engagement. He welcomes any questions or concerns.

IX.    Old Business


X.     New Business

Dian Lopez reported the need for a mid-term evaluation from NCA on our assessment. We need to select one general thing we do throughout the entire campus and we need to do it well.  The ASL committee determined that every discipline already evaluates how their students are doing. Lopez will be sending out a memo to each discipline with more information.

Adjourned at 5:30 p.m.