University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Assembly Minutes

March 20, 2002


The Campus Assembly met on Wednesday, March 20 at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium.  There was some variation in the order of agenda items to facilitate election voting.

I.   Elections

Elections were held for the 2002-2003 Executive Committee, Consultative Committee, and Parliamentarian.

Executive Committee (1 year term, no limitations on terms)
Vice Chair - Nancy Carpenter
Secretary - Keith Brugger
Faculty/P&A - Pareena Lawrence
Faculty/P&A - Rickey Hall
USA Rep - Darla Peterson

Parliamentarian (1 year term, no limitations on terms)
Roland Guyotte

Consultative Committee (2 year terms, 3 consecutive maximum terms)
Bart Finzel
Michelle Page

Engin Sungur and David Wuolu continue on the Consultative Committee.

II.   Chancellor's Remarks

Chancellor Schuman reported on the status of Social Science building.  The bonding bill has gone through all the appropriate committees and by both the house and senate.

Schuman then spoke about some current developments in our intercollegiate athletics program and conference options.  He stated that our primary mission, as a College, is to provide a liberal arts education of uncompromising rigor and quality.  Similarly, the primary mission of our intercollegiate athletics program is to provide a quality experience for our student athletes, and to enrich the campus experience for all students.  He also stated that UMM has been, in the past, affiliated with both the NCAA Division III and with the NAIA.  In the early 1990's our conference, the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Athletics Conference, decided to switch from the NAIA to the NCAA.  At that time, UMM cast its vote to join Div. III of the NCAA, but the remainder of our conference chose Div. II.  In the decade since that decision, UMM has struggled with intercollegiate athletics.  Until three years ago, UMM gave no athletic scholarships, while our conference opponents developed scholarship programs which now average over a quarter-million dollars each per year.  Four years ago, Schuman convened an "Athletics Task Force" to take a careful look at our program and make some recommendations regarding conference options.   They concluded that, since there was no viable NCAA Div. III league realistically nearby, which would accept us as members, we needed to move towards an athletics scholarship program which might make us more competitive within the NSIC and NCAA Div. II.  He formulated a proposal to create "Special Talent Scholarships" in response to the conclusion of the Task Force.  In the first year, UMM awarded $19,000 of athletic aid.  In the second, $60,000, and in the third, $75,000.  All money for athletic aid has come from private donations; no University operating funds may be used for this purpose.  Solicited funds have been divided by this formula:  75% to athletics scholarships and 25% to other special talents; 50/50 between men's and women's sports.

To help UMM make a good decision about our future strategic directions for athletics, we engaged Dr. Betsy Alden, a leading athletics consultant.  Her analysis included overall institutional enrollment, current and projected departmental expenditures, team operating costs, coaches salary data, and athletics aid, as well as institutional history, mission, and culture.  Dr. Alden has recommended that we move to Div. III.  She also notes that the increase in university resources allocated to athletics would need to be from the current 2.5% of our annual operating budget to 6.3%.

The choice to remain in the NSIC and Div. II, or return to our earlier affiliation with Div. III must be made fairly quickly.  Schuman plans to consult with the appropriate college governance groups (Consultative Committee, CRPC, Admin Group, Student Services Committee) as well as current student athletes and coaches, alumni, and others.   Schuman also invited people to communicate with him concerning our strategic directions for the future of Intercollegiate Athletics.

III.   Minutes of February 19, 2002 Assembly meeting were approved as distributed.

IV.   Scholar of the College Recommendations approved as presented.

This year's scholars are Joel Clawson, Heidi Doyen, Daniel Enderton, Jillian Evans, Jennifer Falzerano,  Steve Formaneck, Kelly Gorres, Allison Harell, Bridget Hollerman, Sarah Stein Howes, Patrick Johnson, Jelena Kmezic, Jason Koester, Nick Maxwell, Leah Naegeli, Daniel O'Brien, Annie Olson, Stephanie Perrine, Matthew Peters, Dawn E. Peterson, Julie Retrum, Steve Shogren, Brielle Wacker, and Laurie Zismer

V.   From the Curriculum Committee.   The following Fall 2002 curricular changes were approved.

Economics - 2 new courses
Econ 4911 Variable topics in Economic Research:  Personnel Economics
Econ 4912 Variable topics in Economic Research:  Market Research

VI.   From the Campus Resources and Planning Committee.  2002-2005 Strategic Three-Year Plan approved as presented.

Margaret Kuchenreuther reported that committee took seriously the comments they received from the last assembly meeting and integrated a number of those into the strategic plan.  Bert Ahern questioned how we would know whether or not progress is made toward objectives.  Kuchenreuther said the committee will be working on implementation strategies and will set some benchmarks.  Greg Thorson asked if the committee looked at strategic plans from other universities.  He believes the level of consultation wasn't broad-based campus wide.  Kuchenreuther said she did look at strategic plans from other universities.    She added that the committee held an initial retreat last fall with the Consultative Committee and UMM 's senior administration so she believes there was broad consultation.  These groups consistently identified the same goals.  CRPC agrees we need to have measurable outcomes and those need to be set with appropriate units.   Ahern asked if an annual report could be done to determine how we're doing.   Kuchenreuther stated that might be helpful for assembly to have annual report from CRPC.   Motion to approve plan by Vivian Heltemes, second by Ryan Brux.

VII.   From the Scholastic Committee.  Proposal for Assessment of Advising in the Major was approved as presented.

VIII.   Senators Reports

Ahern reported that the Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP) has been discussing the 13-credit minimum full-time status that will be applied only to the Twin Cities campus, not the other campuses. He also added that there has been discussion on how many withdrawals a student may have in their career.  SCEP has decided they need more time for examination.

IX.   Old Business


X.   New Business

Motion was made requiring CRPC to file an annual report assessing UMM's progress in its three-year plan.    So moved.

Greg Thorson is interested in seeing the campus become more involved in campus discussions and asked if John Bowers could set up a bulletin board for people to share ideas and get input.  He believes assembly needs to be consulted on matters such as athletics and there needs to be a place to discuss it.   Schuman said he has no qualms about discussing athletics with anyone and if people want an open campus meeting, he'd be happy to do it.

Adjourned at 5:30 p.m.