University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Assembly Minutes

April 28, 2003

The Campus Assembly met on Monday, April 28 at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium.  There was some variation in the agenda to facilitate election voting.

I.   Elections.

Darla Peterson was elected to serve on the Executive Committee for the 2003-2004 academic year.

David Wuolu and Margaret Kuchenruether were elected to serve on the Consultative Committee for the 2003-2004 academic year.

II.  Chancellor's Remarks.

Chancellor Schuman asked Lowell Rasmussen to give an update on the work of the Budget Task Force.  Rasmussen reported the BTF is making progress and they have now gone through the budget managers' responses.  The BTF will present their recommendations to CRPC before the final recommendation is submitted to the Chancellor.

Remarks from Chancellor Schuman

Chancellor Schuman spoke about the need to remain optimistic through difficult budget challenges and recited several developments which he finds heartening even at these hard times.

III.  For Information.  United Staff Association Election Results for 2003-2004.

IV.  Minutes from April 8, 2003 assembly were approved as presented.

V.    From the Curriculum Committee.  The following curricular changes were approved.

Summer 2003 Curriculum Changes

2 new courses
IS 3051 Cultural and Choral Performance Tour of the British Isles
IS 3121 Strengths-Based Theory and Practice

2 new courses
Engl 1124 Variable Topics in Interpreting Literature:  The Short Story
Engl 3061 Variable Topics in Language & Literature:  The Novels of William Faulkner

Natural Science
1 new course
Nsci 2061 CE:  Arctic  Field Ecology and Geology

Fall 2003 Curriculum Changes

Division of the Social Sciences
Anthropology - 1 course revision
Anth 2402 Native American Ethnography

The Curriculum Committee voted to recommend the continuation of the following adjunct committees:  Minority Experience Committee, International Programs Committee, and Academic Support Services Committee.

VI.  From the International Programs Committee.

Schuman reminded the assembly members that a yes vote today does not mean this would happen, it simply means the search for funding would begin.  Dronzek clarified that participation in the study abroad program will not be mandatory, but every effort will be made to encourage and facilitate second-year students' participation.  If, for medical or other valid reason, a student is unable to travel during May of the second year, the student may travel the following year.  Under special circumstances, students may be offered an alternative, on-campus experience in the form of a free 1 credit directed study on the destination region either during the May trip or the following fall.  Accessibility for non-traditional students, students with disabilities, and students with children, will be maximized.

Because this study abroad experience will occur during the May session, it will not constitute part of a faculty member's normal teaching load.  Staff members will be responsible for arranging release time with their departments as necessary.  The following table shows the estimated staffing requirements for the Big Idea during the pilot program and after full implementation, assuming three different levels of student participation.

Year                            #Students             #Groups             #Staff Required*

Pilot-Year 1                     60                            3                              6
Pilot-Year 2                   120                            6                            12
Pilot-Year 3                   180                            9                            18
Full                                 200                          10                            20
Implementation           300                          15                            30
                                       400                           20                            40

*Each group of 20 students will be led by an instructor and an assistant, or by a team of two instructors.

Jon Anderson and Bryan Herrmann presented survey statistics.   Results of the survey are available at:

Tom Johnson asked if the students were specifically asked if they would participate.  Herrmann said they did not ask that question.  Greg Thorson asked if the one credit design fits the University Senate guidelines and wondered if the credit was adequate.  Dave Roberts said he was very supportive in general although he believes the "one size fits all" goes against our educational policy and what we stand for.  Michael O'Reilly believes this will drain the energy from the faculty and fails to meet the educational purpose of study abroad which is achieved by an extended stay. He suggests sending this back to the task force for them to enhance the model by placing emphasis on existing study abroad programs.  Reggie Davis does not believe there is enough information available to students and wondered what the process was for the dialogue with the campus.  Jen Cushman responded that there have been open forums, e-mail groups, and a website available with information.  Bert Ahern said this venture has the opportunity of enhancing the student experience; however, he has mixed feelings and wondered if we can gain something from this.  Jean Richards said when band and orchestra traveled to Brazil; their experience was very powerful.  Chris Cole said that studying abroad was one of the most valuable experience he had; however, he doesn't think the funding process was very well thought out.  Roland Guyotte said he was very impressed by the hard work of the folks who put this together and he gives his endorsement and added that if the money is found, then we can discuss the other concerns.  Rich Heyman thanked the Task Force for all the work they've done.   Greg Thorson called a point of order and requested paper ballots.   Members were told to vote yes or no.  Motion passed with 59 yes votes; 34 no votes.

VII.   Proposed 2003-2004 Assembly and Adjunct Committee Rosters.

VIII.  Senators' Reports.


IX.     Old Business.


X.      New Business.

Adjourned at 5:50 p.m.