University of Minnesota, Morris
Campus Assembly Minutes

September 30, 2003

The Campus Assembly met on Tuesday, September 30 at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium.

I.   Introduction to Campus Assembly.

Roland Guyotte gave a brief introduction/orientation on Campus Assembly and read the powers of assembly from the UMM Constitution:


The assembly, as the policy-making and legislative body, exercises general legislative authority and responsibility in all educational matters concerning the Morris Campus delegated to it by the University Senate and the Board of Regents.


The assembly membership includes faculty, academic, civil service and bargaining unit staff and students.


A quorum shall normally consist of a simply majority of the membership of assembly.  A current membership list shall be compiled at the beginning of each academic semester.  If a member cannot attend an assembly meeting, and if advance notification of the absence is given, the member shall not be counted as part of the quorum for that meeting.

The UMM Constitution can be found in its entirety at <>.

II.  Chancellor's Remarks.

Chancellor Schuman reminded assembly members that the State of the University address by President Bruininks is scheduled for Thursday, October 2 at 3:00 p.m.

Update on Budget

Schuman reported we are in the process of taking an accurate reading of our fiscal pulse for this fall. We will have to wait until official enrollment numbers are out before we know what our tuition income will be.  Obviously, the news will not be wildly good.

Update on Big Idea

Schuman commented that the idea for a universal experience arose in a conversation with our International Programs Committee and Global Campus office on the Twin Cities campus.  Schuman will keep saying that it isn't solely his Big Idea.  While this wasn't his idea initially, it is one that he latched on to and it has clearly taken off through the work of Professors Dronzek and Cushman and the Task Force. At the assembly meeting last spring, the campus approved the Big Idea Program Proposal which meant that funding could now be sought for a three-year pilot program prior to implementing the program in full.  Schuman's understanding of his assignment was to find the money to do this.  When we launched the Capital Campaign, a small goal was created for brand new academic programs titled Strategic Initiative Fund.   That goal did achieve over $515,000 in gifts from several people.  Schuman's impulse during the pilot phase is to have this administered out of the Chancellor's office.  At the moment it becomes a full-fledged venture, it will be turned over to the Academic Affairs office.   Mary Elizabeth Bezanson asked if the Big Idea could have a new name.  Schuman said the Task Force was discussing it at this time.  Rich Heyman asked if any new gifts were specifically designated for the Big Idea.  Schuman said no.

Regent Visit

Schuman reminded assembly members that the Board of Regents will hold their October meeting on our campus.  If anyone is interested in attending the lunch event on Thursday, they should contact Schuman.

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Search

Jim VanAlstine reported that Schuman appointed the search committee last June.  Search members include:  Melody Veenendaal, Ken Crandall, Mike Korth, Pareena Lawrence, Paula O'Loughlin, Mary Zosel, Jake Grussing, Katie Kuchenmeister, and Jim ValAlstine (chair).  The committee has secured limited support from the search firm Spelman-Johnson.  Kate Johnson has visited UMM and met with the search committee.  He added that the position has been posted and they hope to begin reviewing applications by the end of October.

III.  Minutes from April 28, 2003 assembly were approved as presented.

IV.   Committee replacements.

         Ray Sibul replaces Rujira Rojjanaprapayon on Assessment of Student Learning Committee
         Michael O'Reilly replaces Peh Ng on Assessment of Student Learning Committee
         Mark Fohl replaces Michelle Page on Campus Resources and Planning Committee
         Rich Heyman replaces Carol Marxen on Scholastic Committee
         Rita Lambert is appointed chair of Student Services Committee
         Solomon Gashaw replaces Nicole Tietjen on Student Services Committee
         Cyrus Bina is appointed chair of International Programs Committee
         Rujira Rojjanaprapayon replaces James Wojtaszek on International Programs Committee

Schuman added that the Executive Committee agreed to change the membership of the AFRC.  The VCF position is no longer an ex-officio member, but will be contacted when necessary.  Michael O'Reilly asked if we could restore the old practice of contacting faculty about their willingness to serve because he was not aware of his committee assignment until he read the agenda for the meeting today.  Schuman said we could do that but that allows people to opt out of the assignment and he does not think this is an appropriate mechanism for campus governance.

V. Curriculum Committee.  The following Fall 2003 curricular changes were approved.

Division of Education
1 new course
WSS 1351 CE:  Beginning Tap Dance

Interdiscplinary Studies
1 new course
IS 1331 CE:  Disability in America:  Politics, Art, and Culture

1 revised course
IS 1001 First Year Seminar
Description change to include additional attendance requirements.

Social Science
1 new course
Hist 3041 Indigenous Peoples in World History, 1500 to present

VI.  Senators Reports.

Roland Guyotte reported that Provost Chris Maziar has conveyed a small task force to address academic freedom.  The committee usually meets weekly and they are eager to hear concerns.
Bert Ahern reported that SCEP will be discussing the impact of the quality of education as  a result of the budget cuts.  Dian Lopez reported that the Committee on Committees will begin filling positions in January.  If anyone is willing to serve, they should contact her.

VII.  Old Business.


VIII.  New Business.


Adjourned at 5:20 p.m.