University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes


October 25, 2004



The Campus Assembly met on Monday, October 25 at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium. 


I.               Introduction to Campus Assembly.


Roland Guyotte gave a brief introduction/orientation on Campus Assembly and read the powers of assembly from the UMM Constitution:


Powers:  The assembly, as the policy-making and legislative body, exercises general legislative authority and responsibility in all educational matters concerning the Morris Campus delegated to it by the University Senate and the Board of Regents.


Membership:  The assembly membership includes faculty, academic, civil service and bargaining unit staff and students.


Quorum:  A quorum shall normally consist of a simply majority of the membership of assembly.  A current membership list shall be compiled at the beginning of each academic semester.  If a member cannot attend an assembly meeting, and if advance notification of the absence is given, the member shall not be counted as part of the quorum for that meeting.


The UMM Constitution can be found in its entirety at <>.


Tim Lindberg, MCSA President, gave some introductory comments.  He introduced the other MCSA officers:  Kristen Strissel, Vice President of Academic Affairs; Nick Peterson, Vice President of Student Services; and Johanna Farmer, Vice President for Finance and Operations.


II.             Chancellor's Remarks.


In lieu of chancellor remarks, Sandy Olson-Loy gave a brief overview of the Graduate Exit Survey that she presented at the Board of Regents meeting in October.


III.           Minutes from April 19, 2004 assembly were approved as presented with one minor revision.  Minutes from April 30, 2004 assembly were approved as presented.


IV.           Election ­ Gretchen Murphy replaces David Wuolu on the Consultative Committee.


V.             Committee replacements.


Sarah Mattson replaces Pat Gannon on Campus Resources and Planning Committee

Leslie Meek replaces Pareena Lawrence on Scholastic Committee

Julie Pelletier appointed chair of Student Services Committee

Bert Ahern appointed chair of Faculty Development Committee

Bonnie Tipcke appointed chair of Functions & Awards Committee

Mike Vandenberg replaces Christine Dent on Functions & Awards Committee

Chris Cole replaces Roger Wareham on International Programs Committee

Rebecca Gercken-Hawkins replaces LeAnn Dean on Minority Experience Committee

Dennis Stewart appointed chair of Teacher Education Committee

Joe Alia replaces Peter Whelan on Teacher Education Committee


VI.           Curriculum Committee.   The following Fall 2004 curricular changes were approved.


Division of Education


Art History

1 new course

ArtH Art of Italian Renaissance 1300-1520



4 new courses

Engl 4018 American Postmodern Lit

Engl 4021 British Literature of the Fin de Siecle

Engl 3010 Practicum in Writing Tutoring

Engl 4019 Re-Writing Shakespeare for Film and Stage



1 new course

Hum 3051 Russian Literature



1 new course

Mus 1046 Class Voice



1 new course

Span 3505 Sex, Love and Marriage in the Golden Age Spanish Literature



5 revised courses

Th 2111 Creative Drama with Children

Th 3101 World Theater:  History and Literature I

Th 3102 World Theater:  History and Literature II

Th 3201 Advanced Acting

Th 3202 Advanced Directing


Fall 2004 catalog changes were approved as presented.


Division of Science & Math

Biology ­ catalog revisions, 1 new course

Chemistry ­ catalog revisions, 2 new courses

Computer Science ­ catalog revisions, 1 new course

Geology ­ catalog revisions, 2 course revisions

Mathematics ­ catalog revisions, 4 course revisions

Physics ­ catalog revisions, 1 course revision

Statistics ­ catalog revisions, 2 new courses


Division of Social Science

Anthropology ­ catalog revisions, 1 new course, 10 course revisions

Economics ­ catalog revisions, 1 new course, 12 course revisions

History - catalog revisions, 4 new courses, 76 course revisions

Management ­ catalog revisions, 2 new courses, 13 course revisions

Political Science ­ catalog revisions, 1 course revision

Psychology ­ catalog revisions, 9 course revisions

Sociology ­ catalog revisions, 1 new course, 12 course revisions

Geography ­ catalog revisions


VII.         Request to change name of Minority Experience Committee to Multi-Ethnic Experience Committee.


Sarah Buchanan reported that the members of the Minority Experience Committee support the name change implemented by the Multi-Ethnic Student Program and believe that the MECıs name should also use language appropriate to the goals, concepts, and context of the change in the year 2004.   Isaiah Brokenleg asked if it was the intention to leave out GLBT students and students with disabilities and questioned the priorities of the committee.  Buchanan said the committee never intended to leave anyone out.   Roland Guyotte referred to the By-laws that read, ³The Minority Experience Committee is responsible for promoting campus-wide understanding of racial and ethnic minorities and for enhancing their educational opportunities.  It considers and makes recommendations regarding curriculum, educational programs, and extracurricular activities where these touch upon the interests of racial or ethnic minorities.  It consults, advises, and cooperates with existing committees that have jurisdiction in these areas to develop and recommend policies.²  Sandy Olson-Loy said she believes the committee is trying to let go of the minority definition by using an inclusive multi-cultural name and asked the committee to look at the overall charge. 


VIII.       Senators Reports.


Nate Hilfiker reported that due to Senate restructuring UMM will be losing a student position. 

The Senate is adding additional representation from across the entire University but the net outcome is that UMM will lose some members.  Roland Guyotte added that Nate spoke eloquently against the restructuring proposal.


IX.           Old Business.




X.             New Business.


An assembly member asked how name changes are dealt with.  Sandy Olson-Loy said that changes are usually made in consultation with the Campus Resources and Planning Committee.  Sam Schuman added that any revised proposal should eventually be submitted to the Executive Committee.



Adjourned at 5:15 p.m.