University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes


May 4, 2005



The Campus Assembly met on Wednesday, May 4 at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium. 



I.               Elect Parliamentarian for meeting.


Rich Heyman was elected by voice vote to serve as parliamentarian for the meeting today.


II.             Chancellor's Remarks.


Chancellor Schuman reported that the Executive Committee has asked the Consultative Committee to suggest names to form a task force to review UMM’s Constitution.  He added it is difficult to determine what is governing us:  Roberts Rules, our Constitution, or 45 years of practice.  He anticipates the task force will meet first semester and report back during the second semester.    The Executive Committee formed a subcommittee to work with our payroll office to ascertain a correct list of campus assembly members.  As a result, three names were dropped and 15 were added.  There are issues regarding assembly membership that need to be addressed.


III.           Minutes from 4/4/05 assembly meeting were approved as presented.


IV.          From the Executive Committee.  Proposal for a Faculty Affairs Committee.


Chancellor Schuman asked assembly members how they wanted to vote on the Faculty Affairs Committee proposal.  A show of hands voted yes (91) no (14) other (1) for vote by written ballot.   Paper ballots were distributed.  Proposal passes – 91 yes votes, 41 no votes.


V.            From the Executive Committee.  Proposed 2005-2006 Assembly and Adjunct Committee Rosters were approved as presented subject to usual changes in the fall.


VI.          From the Executive Committee.  Pam Gades was elected to serve as the USA representative to the Executive Committee.


VII.        From the Morris Campus Student Association.  Resolution on Shared Governance. 


Motion for Item 5, Resolution on Shared Governance, on the April 7, 2005, Student Senate agenda


Concerning:     A Regents Policy on Student Involvement in Decision Making


Whereas,         Students are invaluable stakeholders in the University community; and


Whereas          Student involvement in policy discussions protects students’ interests while increasing the quality of the finished policy; and


Whereas          Students have made valuable contributions when invited to participate in policy discussions, as has been the case on the Morris Campus; and


Whereas          Students have been left out of several key policy discussions, including the strategic planning work groups; and


Whereas          Despite the best interests of the University of Minnesota administration, students will continue to be omitted from policy discussions unless action is taken by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents; and


Whereas          The University of Wisconsin has been required to involve students in pertinent policy discussions by Wisconsin Statute 36.09(5), which states: “The students…shall be active participants in the immediate governance of and policy development for [the University of Wisconsin]. As such students shall have primary responsibility for the formulation and review of policies concerning students life, services and interests.”; and


Whereas          Both students and administrators at the University of Wisconsin support the provisions of Wisconsin Statute 36.09(5) on the grounds that it leads to better policy; and


Whereas          The University of Minnesota would stand to benefit from a similar requirement; therefore be it


Resolved         That the Student Senate recommends to the President of the University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota Board of Regents that the University of Minnesota Board of Regents adopts a Regents Policy codifying the spirit of Wisconsin Statute 36.09(5).


Tim Lindberg stated at the April 11 MCSA meeting, the MCSA Forum passed an endorsement of support for the following resolution which was adopted by the Student Senate the week before.  MCSA hopes that assembly members will vote in support of the document.  Chancellor Schuman noted that this comes as an endorsement from MCSA and they are seeking endorsement from Campus Assembly.  Second by Mary Elizabeth Bezanson.  Nic McPhee wondered how the term primary responsibility will be interpreted.  Richard Richards said he would speak against the resolution because it too vague.  Bert Ahern would speak for it but he would change the some of the wording.  The intent is that students should be more involved.  Sarah Buchanan suggested an amendment stating that the resolved section be changed to that students will be represented in the formulation of policies regarding student life and interests.  Mary Elizabeth Bezanson seconded the amendment and then withdrew.  Michelle Page pointed out that if this has already passed the Student Senate so it might not matter whether or not this group endorses it.  Jenny Nellis believes we should agree and support it or not at all.  Nic McPhee said MCSA is seeking support and he believes the amendment does not reflect the spirit of the statute.  Bert Ahern spoke against the amendment, saying we could specifically say that we recommend students be involved in the strategic planning process.   Schuman asked members to vote on the amendment.  Amendment failed by voice vote.  Greg Thorson believes the shared governance model is a great model, however, he is uncomfortable supporting a University of Wisconsin statute and thinks this resolution is not specific enough.  Bert Ahern suggested an amendment that the Campus Assembly recommend to the Board of Regents that students be represented in the strategic positioning process.  Second by Mary Elizabeth Bezanson.  Dan Moore said the result of this resolution is that students feel left out of the strategic planning process and the spirit behind this is to get students involved.  Schuman asked members to vote on the second amendment.  Amendment failed by voice vote.  Greg Thorson suggested an amendment to strike the word Student Senate and say that Campus Assembly recommends.  Dan Moore pointed out that the students were simply asking for a simple endorsement, not an amendment.  A voice vote on the amendment failed.   Schuman then asked members to vote on the original motion.   Motion passes by show of hands:  48 in favor of endorsing, 40 opposed of endorsing. 


VIII.      From the Campus Planning and Resources Committee.  2005-08 Strategic Three-Year Plan


Andy Lopez commented that this document is not related the strategic positioning document, this is a strategic three-year plan for UMM.  Greg Thorson pointed out that CRPC has identified some great goals, but he would like to see an implementation plan and assessment for each of the areas listed.  Bert Ahern asked if CRPC discussed a mechanism for enhancing salaries.  Lopez said CRCP has addressed this by sending a letter to President Bruininks. 


IX.           From the Scholastic Committee.  Removing the 12 credit limit on D credits applied to the 120 credits. 


Nic McPhee noted that the Scholastic Committee recommends that UMM come into compliance with the all University practice by removing the limit on the number of D credits that can be affected to the 120 credits required for the degree.  D restrictions in the majors will not be affected.  The policy will become effective for new students enrolling at UMM for the first time in fall 2005.  The definition of D in the all-University grading system is:  D… 1.0 … Represents achivement that is worthy of credit even though it fails to fully meet the course requirements.   Motion was made to extend the meeting by 10 minutes.  So moved.  Stephen Burks stated that an unintended side effect would be grade inflation.  McPhee added that we require students to maintain a 2.0.


X.             Senators' Reports.


Dan Moore reported that student senators have asked President Bruininks if he would like to come to UMM for a few days.


XI.           Old Business.




XII.         New Business.




Meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.