University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes


October 31, 2005



The Campus Assembly met on Monday, October 31 at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium. 



I.               Chancellor's Remarks.


Chancellor Schuman thanked the campus community for pulling through this tragic week and asked for a moment of silence.  He asked Nancy Carpenter, chair of the Chancellor Search Committee to give an update.  Carpenter said the committee has received its charge from the President’s Office.  A search firm has been hired and the committee plans to have its first meeting next week.


II.             Minutes from 5/4/05 assembly meeting were approved as presented.


III.           Faculty Affairs Committee membership approved as presented.


Schuman stated that the Executive Committee labored extensively with the materials passed at the last Campus Assembly regarding the Faculty Affairs Committee.  The EC solicited names from various constituencies and as Schuman communicated electronically to the campus last week, the FAC membership will include the following:


Representative from each division:

Education – Pam Solvie

Humanities – Stacey Parker Aronson

Science & Math – Keith Brugger

Social Science – Bart Finzel


UMM representative to Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs:

Janet Ericksen


At-large, non-tenure track faculty member:

Argie Manolis


Academic Staff member:

Tom Mahoney


Student Representative:

Patrick Van Zandt


IV.           2005-2006 Assembly and Adjunct Committee Rosters.


Rich Heyman made a motion to amend the committee rosters striking the names of those elected to serve on the Faculty Affairs Committee and ask the Executive Committee present the amended roster at the next assembly meeting.  Schuman stated that he and Heyman have had several e-mail discussions today about whether or not the FAC is an assembly committee.  A second was made on the motion.  Heyman stated the By-Laws are meant to apply to all committees whether or not they are listed in the By-Laws.  Jeff Ratliff-Crain stated that the Consultative Committee is an elected committee and that in practice, does not exclude one from serving on other committee and wondered if the FAC will have a different selection base than other committees.  Schuman stated that in future years the timing would be better.  Sarah Buchanan asked for point of clarification on the duration of the membership.  Schuman read from the FAC proposal passed last spring at assembly that says, “The Executive Committee moves that the Campus Assembly approve the existence of a Faculty Affairs Committee, to be constituted in Spring 2005, and, in the absence of action by the Campus Assembly to incorporate it into the By-Laws of the UMM Constitution, to cease to exist at the end of the 2007-08 academic year.”  Tim Lindberg stated he was concerned about unilaterally taking the names off of committee roster and proposed an amendment to the motion that those involved should be able to choose which committee they want to be on.  Roland Guyotte said he would vote for that amendment because he does not want his division representative to be taken away by Campus Assembly.  Schuman asked members vote on amendment giving individuals the choice to serve on the FAC or other committee.  Voice vote passes.  Schuman then asked members to vote on the original motion of removing those four individuals from the committee roster.  Voice vote to close to call.  Motion passes by show of hands:  50 voting yes, 31 voting no.  Schuman stated the Executive Committee will approach the four individuals involved and ask them which committee they want to be on. 


V.             2005-08 Strategic Three-Year Plan.  


Andy Lopez reported that the Campus Resources and Planning Committee has discussed the dilemma and confusion of having two strategic plans.  When the CRPC began working on the strategic plan last year, the committee did not know that there would be more elaborate strategic planning currently taking place.  The CRPC suggests changing the title of this plan to 2005-08 Operational Three-Year Plan.  Lopez also urged everyone to attend the focus groups that have been scheduled.  Kristin Lamberty said the measure under number 3 “maintain budgets in the black through the entire period” is not an actual measure.  Peter Wyckoff made a motion to amend language stating CRPC will commission an annual budget report and then withdrew his motion.  Schuman asked CRPC to revisit that piece and propose a measure.  Jeff Ratliff-Crain stated he was in favor of supporting the document as it if the budget reporting was sharpened.  Dan Moore suggested removing the document if there were significant concerns.  Schuman said having a balanced budget and finishing in the black are two different things.  Schuman asked members to vote on approving the document.  Voice vote passes.


VI.           Removing the 12 credit limit on D credits applied to the 120 credits. 


Nic McPhee stated the policy is based on the following rationale.  UMM re-introduced the D in 1985.  In order to limit the negative impact of the D on students’ programs, the Assembly approved excluding D credits in excess of 12 from being counted in the 120 credits required for the degree.  We now have comprehensive systems in place to monitor students’ academic progress.  Far few students in academic difficulty remain at UMM beyond the first or second year.  A review of 259 graduates in 2004 who were allowed to use 12 credits of D showed that eight (3%) exceeded the 12 credit limit.  No other college within the University of Minnesota system limits D’s within the 120 degree program.  Tracey Anderson believes we are not going in the right direction if we are trying to push academic excellence.  Eric Klinger believes the interwoven grading system is broken and is a matter of subjectivity.  He also wondered why anyone would claim work that was not satisfactory.  Sarah Buchanan stated she agrees with Tracey and that this sends a message that is a step down.  She asked if the Scholastic Committee has done a comparison with other private school because that would be a better comparison than within the university system.  McPhee said he thought Ruth Thielke had looked into that and the impression was that we were odd and the general limit with schools were compare ourselves with was unusual.  Rich Heyman noted that the Scholastic Committee has been discussed this for two years and there has been a lot of discussion.  He added that a GPA does not measure the rigor of our institution.  Schuman asked members to vote on approving the document.  Voice vote passes.


VII.         Senators' Reports.




VIII.       Old Business.




IX.           New Business.




Adjourned at 5:40 p.m.