University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes


May 3, 2006



The Campus Assembly met on Wednesday, May 4 at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium. 




I.               Chancellor's Remarks. 


The Chancellor's comments consisted of Chancellor Schuman's farewell to the Campus Assembly.


II.             Minutes from 4/4/06 Campus Assembly meeting were approved as presented.


III.           From the Curriculum Committee.  The following changes/additions were approved as presented.


Hum 1105 CE:  Italian Cinema

IS 1038 CE:  Talking about a revolution:  Dissent and Freedom of Expression in TodayÕs World

Mgmt 1301 CE:  Legal Environment of Business


IV.          From the Executive Committee.  Proposed 2006-2007 Assembly and Adjunct Committee Rosters were approved as presented.


V.            From the Faculty Affairs Committee.  Proposed Policy on Exit Interviews.


Stacey Parker-Aronson made a motion to approve the proposed policy, second by Mary Elizabeth Bezanson.  Nancy Carpenter asked if there is any evidence that there is a problem with exit interviews with supervisors.  Margaret Kuchenreuther said she does not find the rationale persuasive at all.  Michael Korth added that we canÕt force people who are leaving to do this.  He knows why people are leaving; he thinks we should talk to people who are staying.  Jooinn Lee said that his exit interviews with faculty are quite frank.  Michelle Page said she appreciates the intent of self-expression but noted that people leaving donÕt have to talk to anyone if they donÕt want to and there already seems to be an avenue in place for people to do so.   Carpenter added there could be valid points that would provide valuable information.  She believes this proposal should be for recommendation, not policy.  Greg Thorson said itÕs important to know why people leave and to have a policy of reporting and procedures in place.  Andy Lopez was concerned about how the information would be shared with the FAC.  Paula OÕLoughlin asked if the division chairs share information from exit interviews.  Greg Thorson asked if the current reporting of results only goes to administrators.  The answer is yes.  Bart Finzel added that people donÕt know that a policy exists.  Schuman asked assembly members to vote on the proposed policy by a show of hands.  Motion fails:  25 in favor, 45 opposed.  


VI.          From the Commission on Women.  Proposed change of appointment of the Coordinator.


The Commission on Women proposes that the Coordinator be changed from a two-year rotating position to an ongoing appointment beginning 2007-08.  Historically, the Coordinator position has been a two-year position rotating between a faculty member and a staff member.  Paula OÕLoughlin said she like the idea but believes a new coordinator can bring fresh ideas and new energy.  Greg Thorson wondered if it is really the job of Campus Assembly to define the position.  Schuman said he would refer to the Parliamentarian but believes it is not the job of Assembly to define terms of a position.  Rich Heyman said he canÕt see any justification for the Assembly to have jurisdiction over the Commission on Women coordinator position.  A friendly amendment was made to recommend that a continuing appointment rather than a two year basis.  Motion passes by show of hands:  43 in favor, 24 apposed.


VII.        For Action.  From the MCSA Forum.  Faculty Participation in Academic Alert.


Blair Jasper encouraged Assembly member to endorse the proposed resolution.   The MCSA appreciates having the academic alert in place but would like all faculty members to participate.  Dan Moore stated that the element that students donÕt realize is that itÕs not a requirement and he believes this is a disservice to students if all faculty donÕt participate.   Arne Kildegaard said thereÕs a difference between endorsing the statement to encourage faculty participation and endorsing the academic alert system.  He believes this should be for information, not policy.  Nate Hilfiker stated he was disheartened to find out that only 63 of 135 faculty members participate.  Margaret Kuchenreuther asked if academic alerts go to advisors, then do advisors choose to notify students.  Barry McQuarrie said many faculty talk to students but not through academic alerts.  Leslie Meek said past few years working on this and said this is a voluntary program.  She made a motion to table believing that itÕs not appropriate that we vote on it.  Second by Kuchenreuther.  Schuman asked for a show of hands in favor of tabling.  Motion passes.


VIII.      For Information.  From the Scholastic Committee.  Period of Suspensions to Last 2 Regular Semesters.  


IX.           For Information. From the Scholastic Committee. Implementation of Previously Approved Suspension Policy, Suspending After Fall Semester.


X.             For Information.  From the Scholastic Committee.  Proposal for Enforcing Prerequisites.  


XI.           For Information.  From the Scholastic Committee.  Interpretation of the All-University Sunset Policy for UMM. 


Motion made by Greg Thorson to extend meeting until 6:10 p.m.  Second by Leslie Meek.  Motion passes.


XII.         For information.  From the Scholastic Committee.  Academic Integrity Policy Clarification. 


Motion made by Dan Moore to extend meeting until 6:30 p.m.  Second by Nate Hilfiker.  Motion fails.  Motion made by Cyrus Bina to extend meeting until 6:15 p.m.  Second by Greg Thorson.  Motion passes.


Paula OÕLoughlin expressed concern about policy versus practice and thinks these topics deserve more discussion instead of being presented at the last meeting of Campus Assembly for the academic year.


XIII.       Senators' Reports.




XIV.       Old Business.




XV.         New Business.


Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, chair of the Constitution Revision Task Force reported that they have enjoyed the opportunity to meet weekly.  Following a review of the UMM Constitution and By-Laws, the committee identified a number of areas in need of substantial revision.  Their discussions often broadened to touch on area of campus governance.  They look forward to putting their ideas to paper and sharing them in a variety of formats with the entire campus community in the coming year.  The committee remains committed to the current practice of broad representation and involvement of the entire campus community in shared governance.


Rich Heyman made a motion to extend meeting to 6:25 p.m.  No second.  A motion was made to adjourn.  Motion passes.