University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes


May 2, 2007



The Campus Assembly met on Wednesday, May 2 at 4:30 p.m. in the Science Auditorium. 



I.              ChancellorÕs Remarks.



II.           Minutes from 4/3/07 meeting approved as presented.


III.        From the Executive Committee.  Proposed 2007-2008 Assembly and Adjunct Committee Rosters were approved as presented with the understanding that changes will be necessary in the fall.


IV.        From the Executive Committee.  Brenda Boever was elected to serve as the USA representative to the Executive Committee



V.           From the Curriculum Committee.  The following course additions/new major proposal and proposal to add D grade limitations to Area of Concentration approved as presented.


Division of the Social Sciences

Mgmt 3151 – Human Resources Management (revise course title by adding ÒIÓ at end)

Mgmt 3152 – Human Resources Management II (reactive course)


Psy 1301 – Psychology and Film (new course)

Psy 3542 – Multicultural Psychology (new course)

Psy 3302 – Personality (prerequisite change)

Psy 3313 – Psychopathology (prerequisite change)

Psy 4960 – Advanced Seminar in Health Psychology (prerequisite change)

Psy 3541 – Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psychology (inactivate course)


Program changes

Anthropology Major/Minor

Sociology Minor/Major

Liberal Arts for the Human Services

WomenÕs Studies


Proposal to add D grade limitations to Areas of Concentration


VI.        From the Scholastic Committee.  Proposed interpretation of the NCAA Division III athletic eligibility policy was approved as presented.


VII.     Campus Committee Reports.


Constitution Revision Task Force


Mary Elizabeth Bezanson reported that for over a year and a half, two committees have worked hard to craft a constitution for this campus that reflects our historical commitment to shared governance, our long standing appreciation for the importance of bring all the perspectives to the table.  While there have been sources of disagreement or tension, this document reflects the deep passions and commitment by all members of this campus community to UMM.  She also thanked members of the task force:  Jeff Ratliff-Crain, Roger Wareham, Tim Lindberg, Rich Heyman, Gwen Rudney, Tom  McRoberts, Rebecca Webb, Kristen Strissel, Gary Donovan, Greg Thorson, Blair Jasper, Sandy Olson-Loy, Bert Ahern (who served on two constitution creation groups) and Michael Korth, who chaired the writing subcommittee.




Jim Togeas reported that they have received reports on every discipline and he will be working on the draft report over the summer. 


Executive Committee


Paula OÕLoughlin reported that the Executive Committee will schedule an orientation next fall for new committee chairs; previous committee chairs will be invited as well.


VIII.  All University Reports.


Tracey Anderson reported that the tenure code evaluation is on the horizon.  Faculty will need to decide which version they would like to use to be evaluated.


Jon Anderson presented UMMÕs fall 2006 grade data by division for 1000 through 4000 level courses.

This information is also available at:  Peh Ng would like to see comparisons with other campuses.  Jenny Nellis would like to see comparisons with COPLAC, Morris 14 and other peer institutions.


IX.         Old Business.



X.            New Business.


Nancy Carpenter suggested that Executive Committee should provide information electronically for Campus Assembly meetings.



Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.