University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes


November 5, 2008





I.               Chancellor's Remarks.


Chancellor Johnson congratulated the campus and especially students for their idealism in this fall campaign.  Regardless of our politics, we managed to engage and further the democratic process on this campus as well as in the country and she applauds everyone.  Congratulations to the External Relations staff and enrollment management staff, especially Christine Mahoney and Bryan Herrmann, for their work over the course of the past year in engaging the entire campus as well as alumÕs and donors in our marketing and branding initiative.


She expressed her appreciation to those in the room and to the many other people outside of this room who have been struggling with EFS, who have taken your inability to make it work so personally, because you want to get the job done and do it right and who are extremely frustrated with our on-going ability to get reports out of the system.  Even though we donÕt have official budget reports, we do have the period 13 reports from CUFS so we do know where we ended and we do know our allocations for this year so now we have to track our accounts as best we can.  It really matters that there is not unauthorized overspending; it really matters that people are aware of any deficits that they have carried forward and that they are working these into the account balances.  We are fortunate to have Colleen Miller join our staff.   She brings EFS experience; she brings accounting experience and expertise; she brings experience with the U of MN finance office, thus adding to the existing expertise on campus.  Thank you to the staff in the business office for their efforts to rearrange their space and move the UCARD operation in order to create office space for Colleen on the second floor of Behmler Hall.  The Regents approved budget strategies for the coming biennial process and what we have asked from the State includes 3% for salaries; funds to support middle income students and investments, a 4.5% tuition increase and 1% reallocation commitment from the University.  Over the course of the next three weeks, our work continues to reconcile this yearÕs budget and to remodel next yearÕs—also tied to assumptions we will need to make our enrollment numbers and revenues associated with degree and non-degree seeking students.  The vice chancellors are working on this and will include division chair and governance leaders in a Ōbudget summitĶ format before the November 24 community meeting when we will update the community on our progress. 


The Regents recently held their October meeting at the Duluth campus.   The coordinate campuses were each given twelve minutes to provide an update on their strategic plans.   A couple of weeks ago, the ChancellorÕs Advisory Council met on campus for their second meeting.  This year the focus was to advise us on potential compelling philanthropic themes to guide us as we move into the capital campaign.


II.             Minutes from 9/23/08 Campus Assembly meeting were approved as presented.


III.           From the Executive Committee.  2008-09 Committee replacements approved as presented.


Ted Pappenfus replaces Jinzhu Gao on Academic Support Services

Erica Karger-Gatzow replaces David Comer on Multi-Ethnic Experience


IV.           From the Curriculum Committee.  The following curriculum proposals were approved as presented.


Division of Education Proposals:


Education Discipline Changes

Ed Course Inactivations (Ed 1051, 3101)


Elementary Education

ElEd Program Changes


Second Education

SeEd Program Changes

Methods Course Changes

(ArtE 4123, EngE 4121, LanE 4123, MthE 4121, MusE 4123, MusE 4124, SciE 4121, SScE 4121)


Wellness and Sport Science

WSS Sports Management Changes

WSS Course Revisions (WSS 1101, 2102)


Division of the Humanities Proposals:

Art History

ArtH Major Requirement (PCAS Form)

ArtH Minor Requirement (PCAS Form)

ArtH Multiple Course Revisions Form (ArtH 1111, 3101, 3121, 3132)

New Course:

ArtH 3133-Boundaries and Transitions in Medieval Art


Art, Studio

ArtS Multiple Course Revisions Form

(ArtS 1001-1006) Note: Studio Art changes were withdrawn.


Communication, Media, and Rhetoric

CMR Form A (Summary)

CMR Form B (Major/minor requirements)

CMR Multiple Course Revisions Form (CMR 1052, 2052, 2101, 3101, 3111, 3121, 3251, 3301, 3321, 3331, 3401, 3411, 3421, 4151, 4201, 4900, 4901)

New Courses:

CMR 1388-College Newspaper Experience

CMR 1389-College Radio Experience

CMR 2411-Health Communication

CMR 2421-Business and Professional Communication

CMR 3312-Media Literacy

CMR 3432-Communication Research Methods

CMR 4341-New Media Technologies

CMR 4411-Advanced Interpersonal Communication



Dnce Multiple Course Revisions Form (Dnce 1323, 1332, 1334, 2301, 3031)

New Course:

Dnce 3011-Dance History



Engl Form A (Summary)

Engl Major/minor requirements

Engl Multiple Course Revisions Form

(Engl 2014, 2022, 2061, 2161, 2201, 2202, 2211, 2212, 2411, 2421, 3001, 3014, 3032, 3052, 3061, 3142, 3152, 3153, 3162, 3221, 3301, 4008, 4015, 4016, 4019, 4021, 4026)

New Courses:

Engl 2032-Sex, the City, and Literature

Engl 3253-Modern and Postmodern Love in the Novel



Fren Form A (Summary)

Fren Form B (Major/minor requirements)

Fren Multiple Course Revisions Form

(Fren 1021, 1302-1304, 1311-1312, 2011, 3022-3026,3032-3034, 3041-3044, 3060, 4011, 4021)

(Hum 1302-1304, 1311-1312, 1361)

New Courses:

Fren 3028-Early Modern Studies: Female Authorship and Medieval Canon Fodder

Fren 3035-Modern Studies: French Women Authors

Fren 3036-Modern Studies: French Cinema

Fren 3037-Modern Studies: La France du 19e sicle

Fren 3038-Modern Studies: La France du 20e sicle)

Fren 3045-Francophone Studies: West African Francophone Cinema



Ger Form B (Major/minor requirements)



Hum 1571 (inactivated course)



Mus Form B (Major/minor requirements)  Note: Music Form B was withdrawn.

Mus Multiple Course Revisions Form (Mus 3400)

New Courses:

Mus 1048-Introduction to Wind Music: Historic Development and Literature

Mus 1350-UMM Campus Community Band



Phil Form B (Major/minor requirements)

Phil Multiple Course Revisions Form (Phil 4901)

New Course:

Phil/Hist 3162-The Scottish Enlightenment: Texts and Contexts



Span Form B (Major/minor requirements)

Span Multiple Course Revisions Form (Span 1001, 3211, 3601, 3602, 3652, 4001)


Theatre Arts

Th Multiple Course Revisions Form

(Th 1101, 1301, 2101, 2111, 2211, 2221, 2231, 3001, 3102, 3201, 3202, 3301-3303, 3305, 4301)

Division of Science and Mathematics Proposals:


Biol Form A (Summary)

Biol Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

Biol Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

Biol Multiple Revisions Form

(Biol 2102, 3131, 3700, 4102, 4121, 4131, 4151, 4161, 4171, 4191, 4301, 4311, 4351)

New Courses:

Biol 2103-Introduction to Human Physiology

Biol 4004-Principles of Public Health and Epidemiology



Chem Major Requirements (PCAS Form)


Computer Science

CSci Form A (Summary)

CSci Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

CSci Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

CSci Multiple Course Revisions Form

(CSci 1001, 1101, 1201, 1301, 1302, 2101, 2601, 2901,3401, 3501, 3511, 3601, 4901)

New Course:

CSci 1251-Computational Data Management and Manipulation



Geol Multiple Course Revisions Form (Geol 2001)



Math Form A (Summary)

Math Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

Math Multiple Course Revisions Form

(Math 1011, 1021, 1101, 2401, 4452, 4901)

New Courses:

Math 1012-PreCalculus I: Functions

Math 1013-PreCalculus II: Trigonometry



Phys Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

Phys Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

Phys Multiple Course Revisions Form (Phys 3301)



Stat Major Requirements (PCAS Form)


Division of the Social Sciences Proposals:


Anth Form A (Summary)

Anth Major Requirements

Anth Minor Requirements

Anth Multiple Course Revisions Form

(Anth 2101, 2311, 3101, 3201, 3202, 3301, 3402,3601, 4901, 4902)

New Courses

Anth 2103-Archaeology

Anth 3206-Ecological Anthropology

Anth 3455-North American Archaeology

Anth 3603-Latin American Archaeology



Econ Form A (Summary)

Econ Major Requirements

Econ Minor Requirements

New Courses:

Econ 3014-Game Theory: The Theory of Strategic Behavior I

Econ 3015-Game Theory: The Theory of Strategic Behavior II



Hist Form A (Summary)

Hist Major Requirements

Hist Minor Requirements

Hist Multiple Course Revisions Form

(Hist 1601, 3001, 3004, 3005, 3008, 3009, 3101, 3102,3105, 3106, 3156, 3159, 3161, 3202, 3204, 3207, 3209, 3211, 3301, 3302, 3351, 3352, 3355, 3357-3359, 3451, 3455, 3458, 3462, 3551, 3554, 3556, 3607, 3608, 3704, 3706, 3707, 3708)

New Courses:

Hist 20021-The Study of History: Schools, Rules, and Tools

Note: Course Number has changed to 2001.

Hist 3012-History of Ancient Greece and Rome

Hist/Phil 3162-The Scottish Enlightenment: Texts and Contexts



Mgmt Form A (Summary)

Mgmt Major Requirements

Mgmt Minor Requirements

Mgmt Multiple Course Revisions Form

(Mgmt 2102, 3512, 3701, 3702, 4201)

New Courses:

Mgmt 3123-Managerial Economics

Mgmt 3171-Leadership in Organizations

Mgmt 4505-International Managerial Finance


Political Science

Pol Form A (Summary)

Pol Major Requirements

Pol Minor Requirements

Pol Multiple Course Revisions Form

(Pol 1101, 1301, 3101, 3251, 3261, 3267, 3351-3353,3355, 3421, 3453, 3504-3506, 4211, 4452, 4503,4507, 4901-4903, 4301, 4221, 4264, 4266, 4451)

New Courses:

Pol 2001-Political Science Research Methods

Pol 3354-Political Ethics

Pol 4302-International Comparative Political Theory

Pol 4905-Senior Research Seminar in Political Science



Psy Form A (Summary)

Psy Major Requirements

Psy Minor Requirements

Psy Multiple Course Revisions Form

(Psy 3403, 3502, 3512, 3542, 3701, 3702, 4101, 4896)



Soc Form A (Summary)

Soc Major Requirements

Soc Minor Requirements

Soc Multiple Course Revisions Form

(Soc 3101, 3102, 3201, 3601, 4100, 4901, 4902)


Continuing Education Proposals:

CERP Multiple Course Revisions Form

(IS 1036, 1301, 1302, 2036, 2041, 3051, 3052);

(Mus 1047, 3071); (Engl 2311); (Hum 1312);

(WSS 1204, 1205, 1225, 1301, 1303, 1305, 1307, 1311, 2332)

New Courses:

Fren 1023-July in Paris II: French Language and Culture in Paris

Fren 3046-Francophone Studies: Morocco: History, Story, Myth

Psy 1301-Psychology and Film

WSS 2333-The Story of Sports


Interdisciplinary Studies Program Proposals:

African American Studies

AfAm Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)


American Indian Studies

AmIn Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

AmIn Minor Proposed (PCAS Form)


Environmental Studies

EnSt Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

New Course:

EnSt 2111-Environmental Ethics


European Studies

ES Major Requirements (PCAS Form)


Latin American Area Studies

LAAS Major Requirements (PCAS Form)


Liberal Arts for the Human Services

LAHS Form A (Summary)

LAHS Major Requirements (PCAS Form)


Social Science Major

Soc Sci Major Form A (Summary)

Soc Sci Major Requirements (PCAS Form)


Women's Studies

WoSt Form A (Summary)

WoSt Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

WoSt Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

WoSt Multiple Course Revisions Form

(WoSt 1101, 3993, 4101, 4901, 4993)


Honors Program and IS Course Proposals:


Honors Program

Honors Program Requirements (PCAS Form)

Honors Program Multiple Course Revisions Form

(IS 3211H, 3221H, 3205H, 3232H)

New Course:

IS 3234H-Honors: Intersections of Art and Science


Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

Course Revision (IS 3996)

Course Revision (IS 1061)

New Course:

IS 3796-Interdisciplinary Internship in the Helping Professions


V.             Campus Committee Reports.


Campus Resources and Planning Committee


Pete Wyckoff, chair of Campus Resources and Planning Committee, reported that during fall semester, the committee meets on Thursdays at 3:00 p.m.  Regarding planning, the committee has reviewed a draft of the new campus master plan which includes facilities, technology and campus sustainability use.  A subcommittee worked over the summer to deal with space allocation issues that will be need to be addressed once the Community Services building opens as the new Gateway Building.  Other facility-related issues include the bonding bill request that will include the library renovation.  On the resource side, student headcount is a big revenue part and we need to work on attracting and retaining students.  He added that this is an area the entire campus needs to work on, not just the staff in the Admissions office.  Because many prospective students simply go to our website to apply, Pete encouraged everyone to ask our current students for feedback regarding division/discipline websites.  The other area of resources is the budget and the committee has met with Lowell Rasmussen to learn about the budget process.


Update on Self-Study


Michael Korth reminded assembly members of the special emphasis theme for the self-study:  Practicing the Liberal Arts:  Explore—Renew—Sustain—Lead.


Five subcommittees are now working to carry out the primary work of the self-study. The subcommittees will be structured around the five criteria for accreditation. Each subcommittee will formulate questions or hypotheses to examine, gather related evidence, and assess how well UMM is doing vis-ˆ-vis each of those questions or hypotheses. The analysis should look not only at the past but also at future directions. Written reports will be submitted to the Self-Study Steering Committee by the end of March, 2009.


The subcommittees are:


Subcommittee #1 Mission and Integrity

Subcommittee #2 Preparing for the Future

Subcommittee #3 Student Learning and Effective Teaching

Subcommittee #4 Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge

Subcommittee #5 Engagement and Service


After receiving the reports of the five subcommittees, the steering committee will assemble the final report and bring it to Campus Assembly for approval in the fall of 2009. The report will be made available for public response and then sent to the peer reviewers who will visit UMM in late March, 2010.



VI.           All University Reports.




VII.         Old Business.




VIII.       New Business.





Meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.