University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes


April 7, 2009




I.               Chancellor's Remarks.


Chancellor Johnson congratulated our Truman and Udall Scholars.  All three students are the product of the good work that takes place on this campus by many of our faculty and staff.   She also thanked those who contributed to the Jazz Fest events last week.   TMC was filled with alums on Saturday and this is a remarkable view of the living legacy of a faculty member.  ItÕs also a great tribute to that program and shows the important role music plays in recruiting. 


II.              For Action.  Minutes from 2/19/09 assembly meeting approved as presented. 


III.            For Action.  From the United Staff Association.  2009-2010 Committee Representatives approved with the following change:  Darla Peterson replaces Bonnie Tipcke.


IV.            For Action.  Election of the 2009-2010 Executive Committee, Parliamentarian, and Consultative Committee replacements.


Executive Committee (1 year term, no limitations on terms)

Vice Chair, Michelle Page

Secretary, Tim Soderberg

Faculty/P&A, LeAnn Dean

Faculty/P&A, Sarah Buchanan

USA, Dorothy DeJager


Parliamentarian (1 year term, no limitations on terms)

Barbara Burke


Consultative Committee (2 year term, 3 consecutive terms maximum)

Paula OÕLoughlin (1 year term as replacement for Len Keeler)


V.             For Action.  From the Curriculum Committee.   The following Curricular changes were approved as presented.


Division of the Humanities

English course changes:

Reactivating courses

Engl 2421—Understanding Moby-Dick (Hum; 4 cr)

Engl 3153—Gothic Literature (Hum; 4 cr)


Division of Science and Mathematics

Chemistry course changes:

Chem 1001—Chemistry for the Curious Citizen:  The Role of Chemistry in the Environment and Everyday Life (Sci-L; 4 cr)

Chemistry Major (B.A.)


Computer Science course changes:

CSci 4458—Systems:  Bioinformation Systems (M/SR; 4 cr)


Environmental Science course changes:

ESci 1131—Renewable Energy With Biomass Gasification (Sci-L; 3 cr)

ESci 3111—Evolution of the Minnesota Prairie (Sci-L; 4 cr)


Geology course change:

Geol 3006—X-ray Diffraction Techniques for the Identification of Clay Minerals in Geologic Environments (2 cr)


Division of the Social Sciences

Sociology course changes:

New courses

Soc 3101—Research Methodology in Sociology (SS; 4 cr)

Soc 3112—Sociology of the Environment and Social Development (Envt; 4 cr0

Soc 3123—Sociology of Aging (HDiv; 4 cr)

Soc 3403—Sociology Theory (SS; 4 cr)


Multiple course form

Soc 3101—Qualitative Research Methodology (4 cr)

Soc 3102—Quantitative Research Methodology (4 cr)

Soc 3401—Classical Sociology Theory (SS; 4 cr)

Soc 3402—Contemporary Sociology Theory (SS; 4 cr)

Soc 3121—Sociology of Gender (HDiv; 4 cr)


Sociology Major (B.A.)

Sociology Minor


Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies changes:

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Major (B.A.)

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Minor


Proposal to eliminate the Teacher Education Adjunct Committee of the Curriculum Committee (effective fall 2009) approved as presented.


Rationale:  This adjunct committee of the Curriculum Committee has been replaced over time by a broader advisory council acceptable to teacher education licensing and accrediting agencies.


VI.            For Action.  From the Functions & Awards Committee.  Scholar of the College nominations were approved as presented.


The following discussion took place regarding the nominations.   Bert Ahern thinks this is a wonderful group of students and their accomplishments are impressive however he is concerned that there are several disciplines with no inclusion and only one from the performance area.   Jim Togeas responded that some of the events in the performance discipline are difficult to fit into the criteria and he suggested that the committee talk to the people in the performance disciplines to get a better understanding of what would be the equivalent of a performance activity. Bert offered that perhaps participation in the honors recital could be folded into the criteria.   Additionally, the availability to attended conferences varies greatly between disciplines.  Our historical pattern has been that people have been selected for SOC without off-campus presentations but on the basis of explicit and substantive argument of the quality of their work.  Ray Schultz suggested that all divisions be equally represented on the committee.  Becca Gercken noted that most of the students in English discipline do the work in their senior year.  She doesnÕt like the fact that the off-campus element seems to be a requirement and believes it doesnÕt send the best possible message.    Togeas said the committee did discuss that if a student had sent in a proposal to attend a conference and they had been accepted but the presentation had not been made, they were put in the Scholar of the College.  Julie Pelletier noted that we seem to have this conversation every year and that we need to have consistency in how the criteria is being interpreted.   Maggie Larson added that she has been an ex-officio on the committee for ten years and she believes one of the problems is with the continuity of the committee membership.


VII.          For Action.  From the Executive Committee.  The following Mission Statement was approved.


The University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM) provides a rigorous undergraduate liberal arts education, preparing its students to be global citizens who value and pursue intellectual growth, civic engagement, intercultural competence, and environmental stewardship.


As a public land-grant institution, UMM is a center for education, culture, and research for the region, nation, and world. UMM is committed to outstanding teaching, dynamic learning, innovative faculty and student scholarship and creative activity, and public outreach. Our residential academic setting fosters collaboration, diversity, and a deep sense of community. 


VIII.         For Information.  From the Student Services Committee.  Student Employment Wage Rate Increase. 


Nic McPhee reported that the Student Services Committee approved a Student Employment Committee proposal to increase the wage rate for Federal, State and institutional work-study positions effective with the start of the 2010 fiscal year.  The Federal minimum wage rate will increase to $7.25 effective July 1, 2009; UMM has historically set the student employment wage rate above minimum wage.


The Student Employment Committee proposed this increase after consulting with students and various student employers.  Current UMM student employment rates begin at $7.10 per hour for the lowest tier.  The new proposal would increase pay rates of the three tiers to $7.50, $8.00, and $8.50 for regular work-study positions.  Research positions would not change from their current rate of $9.00 and $9.50, and UROP positions (paid through the Twin Cities campus) will continue to be paid at $11.50.


IX.            For Information.  From the Student Services Committee.  Classification of Student Organizations.


McPhee reported that the Student Services Committee has consulted with the Office of General Counsel; MCSA; Risk Management; U Department on Tax; and the Student Affairs Office.  Colleen Miller suggested that the Office of Investment and Banking in addition to Accounting Services should be consulted.   


X.             For Information.  From the Student Services Committee.  Posting policy. 


McPhee reported that our language was overly restricted and that the new proposal strikes two sentences so that we comply with the ruling of the General Counsel. 


Motion to extend to 6:05 p.m. approved and seconded.


XI.            For Information.  From the Executive Committee.  Update on the Constitution.


The Executive Committee reported that despite our best efforts, we have not heard back from Tom SullivanÕs office regarding our Constitution even though it was submitted to them last July.


XII.          Campus Committee Reports.


Michael Korth reported that the five self-study subcommittees have provided some very exhaustive yet luminous reports as we get ready for the HLC visit next March.  The self-study steering committee will be meeting to review all of the subcommittee reports to create the self-study report.


XIII.         All University Reports.


Michelle Page reported that the UMM faculty senators voted 0-5 for the 2013-14 academic calendar.  The senators understood there was a mixed reaction to the calendar and the start date of classes.   They have been charged to consult with various groups on campus and asked to submit that report to the Academic Dean by April 17.


Jenny Nellis reported that as a member of the retirement subcommittee, they have been watching the markets and have been working with Securian rather closely to make sure they are handling our retirement funds carefully.  Secrurian recently completed a series of financial stress tests and they do have enough liquid cash to cover the retirement funds they are obligated to cover. 


XIV.        Old Business.




XV.          New Business.


Sandy Olson-Loy reported that over then next several weeks, the campus will be receiving an e-mail message about participating in Morris Healthy Eating Survey.  The purpose of the survey is to find out about the eating and nutrition behaviors and needs of our community.  The survey is voluntary and takes about 10 minutes. 



Meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.