University of Minnesota, Morris

Campus Assembly Minutes


January 21, 2010




I.               Chancellor's Remarks.


Chancellor Johnson revisited several of the issues she just addressed at the campus community gather prior to this meeting including the 2010 celebration; update on Biomass and budget planning for the short and long term.   The first event for our 2010 celebration is a gift from UMM to the community with an evening of jazz at the Morris Area Schools featuring Minneapolis jazz pianist and composer Laura Caviani on Friday, February 19.  On February 23 there will be an open house at the renovated WCROC and Welcome Center.   The spring local foods dinner is later that evening.  We are using this year to leverage the celebration of our 50th anniversary and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the high school.   She thanked everyone who gives so much to this institution everyday and who then give again financially.  Founders day is September 26 and the weekend will be marked by the release of the documentary chronicling UMMÕs history and the legacy of the land, honoring all the people who have lived and learned here.  We are planning a formal dinner, a community dance and the celebration itself. 


The University of Minnesota has not yet commissioned the UMM biomass plant.  The boiler company has engaged the services of an alternative subcontractor to the original and is due on campus any day to begin work to address the problems.  General interest in biomass gasification and carbon sequestration remains high.  Various projects are on going related to the biomass plant including the biomass gasification class that was developed last year with a WIRED grant.


The University of Minnesota is preparing for a worse case scenario in which we will have to cut another $35M to the universityÕs budget for FY11.  This will, of course, have an impact on us.  We have to present our plan to achieve a balanced budget for FY11 on March 12.  The budget has to be convincing and realistic and has to take into account the budget parameters weÕve been given:  2% salary increase, 7.5% tuition increase and an $891,000 reduction.  In preparation for financial planning, we have been asked to appoint a blue ribbon task force to think about these issues and to develop a plan for a stronger future. 


As a member of Campus Assembly, you received a message indicating that voting for the proposed constitution will start promptly at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 19. 


II.              For Action.  From the Executive Committee.  Approve minutes from 12/1/09 Campus Assembly meeting approved as presented.


III.           For Action.  From the Morris Campus Student Association.  The following committee placements approved as presented.


Additions:                                                                                    Removals:

                  Yvette Butler to International Programs                                    Naomi Wente from CRPC

Zak Forde to CRPC                                                                 Kathy Julik-Heine from Academic Support Services

Kathy Julik-Heine to CRPC


IV.           For Information/Action.  From the Self-Study Steering Committee.  Motion regarding the Self-Study Report.


Michael Korth said the report we are about to submit will be the primary document used by the consultant evaluators during their visit on March 29-31.  The final draft was made available to the campus community after the steering committee received campus feedback.  


Michael Korth introduced the following motion to the assembly:


Campus Assembly accepts the self-study report prepared by the Self-Study Steering Committee and authorizes the submission of the document to the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.   Second by Mary Elizabeth Bezanson.  Motion passes unanimously by voice vote.


V.             For Information.  From the DeanÕs Office.  Academic Program Review Proposal.


Cheryl Contant reported that as an accredited institution, we are committed to establishing ongoing evaluation and assessment processes that provide reliable evidence of institutional effectiveness.  This information will be used to inform strategies for continuous improvement.  Program reviews of academic disciplines, interdisciplinary degree majors and minors, and support units provides a way to bring together the volumes of data and information collected on campus into a format that allows interpretation, discussion, and decisions to take place in an explicit, clear and accurate way.  


The purpose of program review is:


1.     To identify the key strengths of a program, its significant linkages to the institutionÕs mission and strategic priorities and its distinctive qualities

2.     To identify potential changes in the program (that cost money) that could improve its effectiveness and efficiency

3.     To identify potential changes in the program (that cost no money) that could improve its effectiveness and efficiency

4.     To identify weaknesses that are significant and affect the future quality and vitality of the program

5.     To provide reliable evidence to inform strategies for continuous improvement in institutional effectiveness


Specific programs will be contacted near the beginning of each academic year to prepare a self-study document that describes, analyzes, and interprets data and information about their unit.  This document will be used by that programÕs review committee, along with interviews with appropriate program faculty or unit staff, in conducting its review.  The review committee will prepare its report to be given to program, the appropriate division chair, and the Dean.  A summary of the report and its recommendations will be presented to the Curriculum Committee for its information.  If curricular changes are proposed by the program, they will be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee and, if necessary, taken to Campus Assembly for approval.


A program review committee of at least three faculty members will be named for each program under review.  The committee will consist of:  one faculty from an allied discipline, either within or from outside the programÕs division; one faculty member from a different discipline within the division of the program under review; and one or two faculty members from outside the programÕs division.  Final determination of committee membership is made by the Dean, in consultation with the division chair.  Programs are welcome to submit recommendations for committee membership to their division chairs.


Questions, comments, suggestions:


Rob Henjum asked if student input is expected.  Cheryl said there have been suggestions that students be included in the review committee and she is open to suggestions on how to make this work.  Hilda Ladner would like to see intercultural competence included or addressed in the review.  Cheryl added that it is clear to her that if we donÕt use this process for prioritization, we will need to establish another one.  In the initial phase, we had hoped we would not have to use this to determine which programs to keep the same, invest in or close; however, we need to have a process that is evidence driven in order to make those recommendations.  Cheryl encouraged assembly members to sent comments or suggestions to her.


VI.           Campus Committee Reports.


Chancellor Johnson announced that Jeff Ratliff-Crain has been appointed as the DeanÕs designee on the Scholastic Committee.


Pete Wyckoff reported that at the end of the semester, CRPC was working on the financial planning model supplied by Linc Kallsen.  Bryan Herrmann presented an enrolment projections plan and Cheryl Contant presented an academic staffing plan.  Both have been useful as put together an accurate budget for next year.  The first meeting of the spring semester is next week where Colleen will present FY10 budget assumptions.


VII.         All University Reports.


Jane Blodgett reported that she is UMMÕs liaison for the Quality Fair.    Additional information is available online.


Nancy Carpenter announced there would be no Senate meeting on February 4.


VIII.       Old Business.




IX.           New Business.


Mary Elizabeth Bezanson reminded assembly members of the Board of Regents policy that bans smoking within 25 feet of building entrances.    Smokers on campus are not adhering to the policy and she will continue to bring this up until this is addressed.


Adjourned at 5:40 p.m.