Campus Assembly Minutes

November 22, 2010



I.  Chancellor's Remarks(5 minutes)

Chancellor Johnson reported that we have a new constitution that goes into effect in the fall of 2011 so the Executive Committee will need to work on it early next semester to determine how to implement it.   We have a new University of Minnesota President, Eric Kaler.  She had a chance to interview him along with other members of the PresidentÕs Executive Team.  Several of our students have also had a chance to interview him including Matt and Mark Privratsky and Mike McBride. We have a new wind turbine that was approved at the November Board of Regents meeting.  We are awaiting confirmation of delivery the second week in December.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, she thanked those who came to the community meeting and sat through her recreation of the presentation she gave to the Regents Education and Planning and Policies Committee.  There were three emerging ideas from UMMÕs Blue Ribbon Committee—one dealing with resource allocation review; one dealing with elearning; and one dealing with curriculum initiatives.   She thanked our grounds crew for getting out and sanding, salting and for everything they do. She thanked the students for enriching our lives with athletics, dance, green tours, leadership and for everything they do.

II.   For Action.  Sheri Breen was elected to serve as Parliamentarian for this meeting only.

III.  For Action.  Minutes from 10/26/10 Campus Assembly meeting were approved as presented.

IV.  For Action.  Morris Campus Student Association 2010-11 committee assignments approved as presented.

V.  For Action.   The 2015-16 academic calendar was approved as presented.

Cheryl Contant that the two driving factors behind the calendar are payroll and the required semester length.  Historically, we have had one week of May session that has overlapped with the first week of summer classes.  One change to this calendar is to have the May session calendar match up with the May session on the Twin Cities campus.  Additionally, she would like to get our spring break to match up with the Twin Cities break for ease of faculty who participate in system-wide committees.   As part of her annual request and because many of our students live farther away from campus, Sarah Buchanan said it would be nice to not have class on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Siobhan Bremer supports SarahÕs request with the possibility of adding an additional day during finals week if necessary.   Jeff Ratliff-Crain said this would cut into grading time period.  Remi Huerta said that while she likes SarahÕs idea she doesnÕt think this can be fixed right now and she encouraged the Executive Committee to take the comments into consideration when proposing the 2016-17 calendar.   She called the question.   It was clarified that the Dean and Division Chairs not the Executive Committee should take the comments into consideration.

I.               VI.  For Action.  Curriculum Committee. The following curricular changes were approved.


Division of Education Proposals:


      Education Form A (Summary)

      Education Text Changes

      Ed Multiple Course Revisions (Ed 1112, 1113, 2012)

      Ed Course Changes (Ed 1011, 1111, 2011, 2211)

      Ed Course Deactivations (Ed 1020, 1022)

      New Ed Courses (Ed 1801, Ed 4903, Ed 4911)

Elementary Education

      Elementary Education Form A (Summary)

      Elementary Education Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      ElEd Course Changes (ElEd 3101,3103, 4112)

Secondary Education

      Secondary Education Form A (Summary)

      Secondary Education Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      SeEd Course Changes (SeEd 4102, 4104)

      Methods Course Changes (MusE 4123, 4124)

Wellness and Sport Science

      WSS Form A (Summary)

      WSS Discipline Name Change

      WSS Program Discipline Changes

      WSS Form A (Summary)

      WSS Discipline Name Change

      WSS Program Discipline Changes

      WSS Text Changes

      WSS Multiple Course Revisions (WSS 1104, 1105, 1226, 1228,

         1235, 2321, 3121, 2204, 2208)

      WSS Course Revisions (WSS 3101, 3201)

      New WSS Courses (WSS 1801)

Brad Deane made a motion to pull out WSS 2303, 3172, 4201 and cited the following concerns:

ÒAs the dean said earlier in the assembly, some of the classes being brought before us were intended as a preliminary step toward the creation of a Sport Management major, and that my concerns were partly about the content and rationale of the classes themselves and partly about the potential major to which they are meant to contribute.

There are good reasons to consider offering a broader array of sport management classes: they would probably be popular and might even bring in extra money. But in my opinion, these potential benefits do not outweigh two very serious concerns:

First, sports management classes are a clear departure from our mission as a liberal arts college. By liberal arts, we do not simply mean interdisciplinary. We mean a kind of education that emphasizes the inculcation of broad skills in thinking and writing as well as general habits of mind rather than narrower preprofessional skills. We mean versatility and flexibility not narrowly utilitarian or vocational training, and the sports management classes (and major) are clearly, indisputably in the latter category. I added that this isn't merely my understanding of the liberal arts: only one of the 25 COPLAC schools offers sports management, and none of our peers in the Morris 14 do so. As a final argument about the difference about this program and the liberal arts mission, I added that there was nothing that one could say in defense of sports management that could not equally be said of hotel management, and neither is compatible with our liberal arts goals.

My second concern is that offering sports management classes is inconsistent with our obligations to our students and to the people of our state. If we were to offer more courses in sports management, we could not do them well. We have only one faculty member with a PhD in anything like this field, whereas existing programs at other institutions in the state (I cited Mankato and UMTC) have far more faculty with advanced degrees in this field (as well as in related areas such as law and medicine) who actually publish books on the subject. It would be cynical for us to take money from students because this is a popular major without acknowledging the paucity of what we can really offer to students interested in this line of work. If our nieces or nephews or brothers or sisters expressed their interest in studying sports management at UMM, the only honest reply would be the suggestion that they study at Mankato instead.  Unless these two objections were addressed, no amount of popularity or student interest should lead us away from our mission and our obligation as educators.Ó

Cheryl Contant said the Curriculum Committee has had discussions about these and other particular courses and the campuses desire to look at new academic programs on our campus.  The Curriculum Committee decided we couldnÕt bring all of those courses to the meeting today but we could include courses in those majors and if they are approved we can get those out for students to see in the printed catalog.  If not approved, the courses will be deactivated.  Len Keeler asked if there are historical reasons why WSS is housed under Education and that it may not be the right place especially if thereÕs a shift towards management.  Perhaps someone should consider moving to the Social Science Division.   Sheri Breen reminded Assembly members that the question before us today is the approval of the courses not whether we should approve the major. Because the division chairs for Education and Social Sciences were not in attendance, Paula OÕLoughlin made a motion to table the discussion.  Motion to table was approved.

Division of the Humanities Proposals:

Art History

      Art History Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      ArtH New Course (ArtH 1801)

      ArtH Course Revisions (ArtH 3161, 3221)

Art, Studio

      Studio Art Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      ArtS Course Deactivation (ArtS 1500)

      New ArtS Courses (ArtS 1801, 1802,


Communication, Media, and Rhetoric

      Communication, Media, and Rhetoric CMR Form A (Summary)

      New CMR Course (CMR 1801)

      CMR Course Deactivation (CMR 3342)


      New Dance Courses (Dnce 2021, 3012)


      English Form A (Summary)

      English Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      English Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      English Multiple Course Revisions (Engl 1131, 2201, 2202,

         (2211, 2212, 3142, 3151, 3153, 3154, 3155, 3156, 3157,

         3159, 3161, 3163, 3164, 3165, 3166, 3253, 3261, 3262,

         3281, 3301, 3311, 3411, 3501, 3522, 4004, 4012, 4017,

         4021, 4022, 4023, 4024, 4025, 4027, 2032)

      New Engl Courses (Engl 2022, 2431, 3332, 4028, 4029, 4031)

            English Course Deactivations (Engl 2171, 3042)


      French Form A (Summary)

      French Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      French Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      French Multiple Course Revisions Form

         (Fren 3034, 3035, 1304, 3037, 3038, 1027, 3027, 1302,

         3036, 1311, 3045, 1312, 3046, 1001)

      French Course Revisions (Fren 1021, 1023, 3060)

            New French Courses (Fren 1031, 3039)


      German Course Revision (Ger 1001)


      Italian Course Revisions (Ital 1001, 1002, 2001)

         1104, 1311)

            New Italian Course (Ital 1801)

Courses with Lang Course Designator

       Lang Course Revisions (Lang 1061, 1062, 1063)


      Music Form A (Summary)

      Music Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Music Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Music Course Revisions (Mus 1000, 2301, 2302, 2303, 2304,

         3101, 3102)

      New Music Courses (Mus 1049, 1111, 1112, 1360, 1370, 2111,

         2112, 4103, 1061, 3161)

      Music Course Deactivation (Mus 1048)


      Philosophy Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Philosophy Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      New Philosophy Course (Phil 1801)


      Spanish Form A (Summary)

      Spanish Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Spanish Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Span Course Revisions (Span 1001, 2001, 3211, 3212, 3621,

         3622, 3623, 3651, 3652, 3653, 3654, 3671, 3672, 3681,

         3682, 3683, 3684)

      Spanish Course Deactivations (Span 3001, 3002, 3101)

      New Spanish Courses (Span 3011, 3012, 3111,3112)


Division of Science and Mathematics Proposals:


      Biology Form A (Summary)

      Biology Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Biology Course Revisions: (Biol 1053, 1111, 2111, 2151, 3701,

         4004, 4121, 4161, 4191, 4211, 4301, 4321, 4331, 4351, 4901)

      Biology Course Deactivations (Biol 1001, 4221)

      New Biology Courses (Biol 4071)


      Chemistry Form A (Summary)

      Chemistry Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Chemistry Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Chemistry Course Revisions: (Chem 2301, 2312, 2321, 2322,

         3301, 3901, 4111, 4351, 4352, 4551, 4552, 4701, 4711,

          4901, 4994)

      Chemistry Course Deactivations (Chem 3811)

      New Chemistry Courses (Chem 1994, Chem 2994,

         Chem/ESci 3401, Chem 3411, Chem 3994)

Computer Science

      Computer Science Form A (Summary)

      Computer Science Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      CSci Course Deactivations (CSci 1021, 2601, 2901)

      CSci Course Revisions (CSci 1101, 2101, 3401, 4901)

      New Computer Science Course (CSci 1801)

Environmental Science

      Environmental Science Form A (Summary)

      Environmental Science Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      New Environmental Science Course (ESci/Chem 3401)


      Geology Form A (Summary)

      Geology Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Geology Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Geology Course Deactivation (Geol 3196)


      Mathematics Form A (Summary)

      Mathematics Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      New Mathematics Course (Math 1014)

      Mathematics Course Revision (Math 1021)


      Physics Form A (Summary)

      Physics Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Physics Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Physics Course Revisions (Phys 1061, 1063, 2301, 2302, 3002)

      Physics Course Deactivations (Phys 1062, 3001, 3201)

      New Physics Course (Phys 1064)


      Statistics Form A (Summary)

      Statistics Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Statistics Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)


Division of the Social Sciences Proposals:


      Anthropology Form A (Summary)

      Anthropology Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Anthropology Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Anthropology Course Revisions (Anth 2501, Anth 3204,

         Anth/AmIn 3402, Anth 3452, 3601, 3602, 4411, 4901)

      New Anthropology Courses: (Anth 3701, 4501)


      Economics Form A (Summary)

      Economics Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Economics Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Economics Course Deactivations (Econ 1951, 3003, 3004)

      New Economics Courses (Econ 3009, 3133, 3134, 3153)


      Geography Form  A (Summary)

      New Geography Course (Geog 3501)

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

      GWSS Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      GWSS Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      GWSS Course Revisions (GWSS 1101, 4901)


      History Form A (Summary)

      History Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      History Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      History Course Revisions (Hist 1501, 2001, 2103, 2151, 2251,

         2352, 2361, 2452, 2551, 2552, 2554, 2704, 2708)

         (Hist 1811, 1812)

      Hist Course Deactivations (Hist 1101, 1102, 3706, 4110, 4120)

         (Hist 3459)

      New History Courses (Hist 1015, 1111, 3381, 3558, 3559,

         3609, 3611, 4501)

         (Hist 1811, 1812)

Liberal Arts for the Human Services

      LAHS Form A (Summary)

      LAHS Major Requirements (PCAS Form)


      Management Form A (Summary)

      Management Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Management Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Management Course Revisions (Mgmt 3123, 3513, 3601, 4201)

      Management Course Deactivations (Mgmt 1301, 3172, 3503)

            New Management Courses (Mgmt 1011, 3134, 3352)

Political Science

      Political Science Form A (Summary)

      Political Science Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Political Science Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Pol Course Revisions (Pol 3201, 3261, 3504)

      Pol Course Deactivations (Pol 3151, 3231, 3232, 3262)

      New Pol Courses (3233, 3234, 3272, 3514)

      (Pol 1811)


      Psychology Form A (Summary)

      Psychology Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Psychology Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Psy Course Revisions (Psy 1051, 3201, 3211, 3221, 3403,

         3502, 3513, 3611, 3800)

         (Psy 1811)

      New Psy Courses (Psy 3503, 3504, 4301, 4770)

Social Science

      Social Science Major Requirements (PCAS Form)


      Sociology Form A (Summary)

      Sociology Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Sociology Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

      Sociology Course Revisions (Soc 1101, 2101, 3103,3112, 3121,

         3122, 3123, 3141, 3204, 3452, 3601, 3602, 4991)

      Sociology Course Deactivations (Soc 4901, 4902)

      New Sociology Courses (Soc 1811, 1812)


Interdisciplinary Studies Program Proposals:

African American Studies

      AfAm Form A (Summary)

      AfAm Minor Requirements (PCAS Form)

American Indian Studies

      AmIn Form A (Summary)

      AmIn Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

      AmIn Minor Proposed (PCAS Form)

      AmIn Course Changes (AmIn 1001, 1002, 1011, 1012)

      New AmIn Courses (AmIn 2993, 3402, 3993)

Environmental Studies

      EnSt Form A (Summary)

      EnSt Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

            EnSt Course Changes (EnSt 1101, 2111, 4901)

Latin American Area Studies

      LAAS Major Requirements (PCAS Form)

Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

     IS Multiple Course Revision Form – Deactivations (IS 1001,

         1036, 1037, 1038, 1042, 1055, 1321, 1331, 1341, 1801,

         2016, 2022, 3122,3213H, 4894)

     New IS Courses (IS 1802, 1803, 1804)

            IS Course Revision (IS 4101)

VII.  Campus Committee Reports

Faculty Affairs Committee

Mary Elizabeth Bezanson said the committee has been working on report regarding faculty salaries that will be submitted to the Chancellor in early December.

Faculty Development Committee

Pam Solvie reported that the Faculty Development Committee is chaired by Gordon McIntosh.  This semester, Faculty Development Committee members have identified a number of issues for discussion, including:  the Faculty Enrichment Program; Fall Faculty Development Day; The Faculty Center, and advising loads.

Early in the semester, we discussed the possibility of common meeting times--as other committees did, and we requested that responsibilities for the Distinguished Research Award be moved to the Functions and Awards Committee.

Our attention for the most part has been on the Faculty Center.  We met with former director of the Center, Engin Sungur, to discuss operations, resources, and support for faculty offered through the Center.

Currently, we are seeking information on tasks that were formerly handled through the Center, looking at Faculty Centers at other institutions, and we are reviewing reports that were generated through the former Faculty Center.  We'll also be collecting feedback from faculty on their use of the Center in the past and where they are receiving support that may have come from the Faculty Center in the past.

Executive Committee

Chancellor Johnson reported that the Executive Committee did decide to proceed on finding a common meeting time and will form a small group to address this and look at all options.   The Executive Committee debriefed on the service discussion and will to figure out how that will work with the new constitution.

Curriculum Committee

Cheryl Contant said the upcoming work of the Curriculum Committee will be to examine new academic programs and to work with the Assessment of Student Learning Committee on learning outcomes and measuring those outcomes.

VIII.  All University Reports

Benefits Advisory Committee

Michael OÕReilly and Peh Ng have both sent out messages to the campus community related to our health care benefits under UPLAN which will be discussed at the Faculty Senate Meeting on December 2.  If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please send questions to Michael or Peh.  It would be helpful to copy other senators as well.


Peh announced that we will be asked what the Morris campus is doing about the four-year math requirement for all entering students. 

IX.  Old Business


X.  New Business


Motion to adjourn at 5:55 p.m.