University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date: January 18, 2002


In Attendance:  Julia Dabbs, Anna Dronzek, Karen Johnson, Karen Ellis, Amy Mcgovern, Clare Strand  


Guests:  Robyn Curlee, Andrea Martin-Way (WRC), Jennifer Lund (Campus Security)


Not Present:  Sarah Mattson, LeAnn Dean, Maggie Larson


Items discussed:  Officer Lund came to tell the Board about R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) System program and seek financial support to get a program up and running for the women in the Morris community.


She and a Morris City police officer recently underwent training and are now certified instructors for the R.A.D System.   [Details about RAD at]


The course has to be taught twice per year in order for them to maintain their certification.  There are many possibilities for how the course can be offered here. Typically the class size will be 10 women who will attend 4 sessions of 3 hours each-- in the evenings, or Saturdays. Another possibility is to offer the entire 12 hour course during spring break for faculty/staff and daughters (12 years of age and up).   Lund indicated that the challenge might be getting people to sign up for the class.  Participants will pay minimal tuition. The CW Board suggested a lower price for students (college or high school) who participate and emphasized making it available to all women in the community.


The UMM Campus Security department and the Morris Police Department are generously contributing the time of these two officers to teach these classes.  Financial contributions to the Morris R.A.D. system program is expected from Bremer Bank, others in town, and a number of campus offices.


Conclusions:  The CW Board thought that this was an outstanding opportunity for Morris women and wholeheartedly supports it.  Financial support was committed to ensure that the program get ‘up and running’. This is a significant educational development opportunity that will benefit all who participate.


Also discussed:  Subcommittee for the Nursing Mothers room, Anna will contact Sarah Mattson to see how she can assist.  Amy will help create the new brochure, needs text from Clare.   Comprehensive list of CW board members back to 1990 is now on the web. Soon to be on the web a summary of CW activity highlights for each year of its existence.


Next Board Meeting:   February 1st, 9:30-10:30 am,  Prairie Lounge