Commission on Women Meeting           January 21, 2004


Present- Tammy Faux (Coordinator), Clare Strand, Michelle Page, Colleen Frey


1.      Discussion of Spring Luncheon – Colleen Frey and Miriam Panton have been working to plan the Spring Luncheon.  They proposed a theme of “Building Community” with a  speaker – Audrey Arner (Land Stewardship Project and an expert on community building).  The following points were discussed:

·        $300 + mileage for the speaker

·        Have the speaker do a noon presentation on a Tues. and have a luncheon discussion the following Thursday

·        Have a CW member at each table to moderate discussion and record ideas about how CW could help build community at UMM

·        Give people a number or color when they come for lunch, indicating which table they should sit at – the purpose being to help people have conversations with people they may not know as well as those they walked in with

·        Invites should indicate that the luncheon will include discussion of community building and that people will be randomly placed at tables

·        Perhaps have a facilitated discussion following the speaker (maybe ask Walter Fisher to do this?)

·        Hope to videotape the speaker

·        Find ways to get input and include women from all over campus

·        Tammy will talk to Chancellor Schuman and Sarah Mattson about support for this event and ideas on how to get more attendance.

·        For next time – bring ideas on invitations

2.      Need to replace one or two members.  Carol Ford (staff) has resigned due to a heavy workload this semester and Jen Zych (P&A, nonteaching) may have to resign due to conflicts with her work schedule.  We will discuss replacing these valuable board members at our next meeting.

3.      Next meeting – Monday Jan. 26th, 2:30, Student Activities Office Conference Room