University of Minnesota, Morris


Commission on Women


Advisory Board Meeting Summary




Date: January 31, 2003


In Attendance: Karen Johnson, Miriam Panton, Anna Dronzek, Tammy Faux


Guests: Sara Mennen, Laura Knight


Not Present: Clare Strand, Carol Ford, Leann Dean, Shezwae Fleming, Argie Manolis, Amy McGovern, Julia Dabbs (on leave)


Announcements:  Clare was home sick so she asked Karen Johnson to lead the meeting in her absence. She informed the board that person who was hired as backfill for release time had accepted a full time position.  Because of the recent mandate from the Governor that the University of Minnesota cut its current budget the backfill position will not be filled. As a result she has thought of ways to reduce her workload as CW coordinator.  Clare will no longer attend committee meetings for the 4 assembly committees; Student Services, Campus Resource and Planning, Curriculum, and Scholastic.


Items discussed:  Out of 10-12 priorities brainstormed from the board members at the previous meeting a tentative top three priorities were calculated from the members present. They were: (1) gathering at the La Fave house, (2) new space, (3) evaluation of women’s issues on campus with a survey.  It was noted that because the last idea would be such a huge task it would have to be done over the next 2-3 semesters. The board then had an initial discussion of informal planning and goal setting of each priority. Nothing was set in stone as to allow non-present members to give their input.   


Conclusions: The Commission felt it was important to survey the rest of the board via email to get a better idea of what the priorities should be and discuss it at the next meeting.


Next Board Meeting:  February 14, 2003 9:15 in Behmler Conference room with Dean Schwaller