Commission on Women Meeting           February 2nd , 2004


Present- Tammy Faux (Coordinator), Miriam Panton,  Michelle Page, Christy Dent, LeAnne Dean, Randi Peterson, Colleen Frey, Pareena Lawrence, Tammi Berberi, Joanna Solotaroff


Absent - Clare Strand


Meeting began at 2:30pm


- Introductions: Randi Peterson, new to CW. Joanna Solotaroff, WRC representative.


- Discussion and decision of Spring Luncheon menu: Decision was made to have Soup

            and Fresh Bread Buffet, lemonade and dessert. CW will be buying a dessert,

            Colleen and Miriam will make a decision on what to have. Cost will be $3

            per person. Discussion about having a reduced cost lunch Thursday to those

            who come to the Tuesday event; decided not to.


- Discussion of details of Luncheon: CW will be setting up a table and to promote

            awareness of the events. Want to have a student either videotape or take

            notes on Audrey’s presentation -  possibly make an outline on placemats for

Luncheon to aid in discussion. Discussed doing an article to put in the University

            Register (or invite a reporter to come to the speaker and the luncheon).


- Rachel Hall, part-time in English, is willing to edit and help with the newsletter.


- Deadlines: February 12th – Invitations will be mailed

                    February 16th-18th - Tabling

                    February 19th – Registration deadline for Spring Luncheon


Meeting adjourned at 3:20pm