Commission on Women Meeting           February 9th, 2004


Present- Tammy Faux (Coordinator), Miriam Panton, Michelle Page, Christy Dent, LeAnne Dean, Colleen Frey, Pareena Lawrence, Clare Strand, Steph Charbenaue, Rachel Hall


Absent- Randi Peterson, Tammi Berberi


Meeting began at 2:30pm


- Approval of January 26th and February 2nd minutes: approved.



- Introductions: Rachel Hall, teaches College Writing, has offered to help with the



- Discussion of Spring Luncheon and speaker: The decision was made to have a fruit tray

            at the Luncheon, along with bars for dessert.  Cookies, coffee and water will be

            served when Audrey speaks (on Tuesday). Tabling will occur Wednesday the 18th and Thursday

            the 19th from 11am to 1pm. CW will possibly put an ad on the UMM events page

            and calendar.  Also may distribute more flyers just for Audrey’s talk.


- Newsletter planning: Rachel Hall will help, article ideas include the Financial Planning

            Seminar, Audrey Arner coming to speak, women in athletics, WRC, and a Q and

            A section.  Articles should be in by March 15th to have it out in early April.


- Request for CW to allow Women of Today to table on Tuesday, February 17th to

            promote MS fundraiser (over 300,000 have the disease, 2/3 are women). They are

            doing a Pizza Hut fundraiser (20% of all sales) for MS and would like a table in

            the Student Center to flyers out (but need a campus sponsor)


- Discussion on Women’s Week: WRC will be doing a number of events, they include

            Jean Killborn speaking the evening of Tuesday February 24th on Women and

            Advertising, there will be a night of expressions with poetry, and open mic. in

            Edson, a movie, and bowling.


- For next meeting: Discussion on future budget



Meeting adjourned at 3:25pm