University of Minnesota, Morris


Commission on Women


Advisory Board Meeting Summary


Date: February 14, 2003


In Attendance: Anna Dronzek, Miriam Panton, Leann Dean, Tammy Faux, Clare Strand, Carol Ford, Karen Johnson


Guests: Dean Schwaller


Not Present: Argie Manolis, Amy McGovern, Shezwae Fleming, Julia Dabbs (on leave)


Items discussed: Introductions were made to Dean Schwaller. Tammy presented the process and the results of priorities tally. They were 1) gathering at LaFave house, 2) new space, and 3) evaluation of womenís concerns on campus.


Gathering: A subcommittee for planning was formed consisting so far of Amy, Clare, and Maggie Larson. The discussion revolved around whether the event should have a speaker or "purpose". It would need a hot topic to draw people in. A suggestion was made that guests could take turns in a massage chair, then the gathering could focus on a topic similar to stress relief. The question was raised as to how to measure the value or the success of the event. Subcommittee will meet to work out details.


New space: It will be essential for next yearís coordinator to have office . Dean Scwaller said he would talk to Lowell about the possibilities.A new space shared with other organizations; WOCA, WRC. Equality and Queer Issues subcommittee is under discussion.Several options were discussed.


Evaluation: This will be started this spring with the goal of having it ready to be distributed Fall í03. One idea is to determine the issues and plan programming accordingly. A major concern is ensuring that the survey and the results are academically sound. A subcommittee was formed to work on this.Tammy will lead the subcommittee.


A concern was raised to the dean concerning communication about campus searches. Itís important for the campus community to know whatís going on. Searches could be publicized somehow to the campus community on a website with application deadlines, interviewing dates, hiring dates, etc.



Next Board Meeting:Friday February 28, 2003 Behmler Conference Room at 9:15 am.