Commission on Women Meeting           February 23th, 2004


Present- Tammy Faux (Coordinator), Miriam Panton, Christy Dent, LeAnne Dean, Clare

              Strand, Steph Charbeneau, Randi Peterson, Jessica Nagel


 Absent- Tammi Berberi, Michelle Page, Colleen Frey, Pareena Lawrence


Meeting began at 2:30pm


- Approval of December 2nd and February 9th minutes: approved.


- Discussion of final plans for Tuesday and Thursday events:

* Tables being set up for speaker and luncheon

* Tammy will introduce Audrey

* Discussion after Tuesday event – Q&A with the speaker

* Tuesday’s event will be videotaped

* Final count for Thursday’s lunch is 45 people

* Flowers were ordered- there will be a specific flower color on each table with

               corresponding slips of colored paper to be handed out as people enter 

            * Door prizes will be the flowers from the tables and Sub-way gift certificates

* At each table there will be discussion leaders who will record ideas

* Tammy will come up with a list of talking points, and an out line of Audrey’s

                talk will be on the table


- Plan for Coordinator Position (to replace Tammy, who has submitted her resignation due to moving away from Morris) for 2004-05 (One year, 1/3 time position):

            Possible ideas:

·        Sam Schuman is willing to come to a meeting to discuss options

·        Three approaches:

·        Look at nominees from last year

·        Start from the beginning and solicit nominees

·        Start from scratch  and come up with new ideas


Tammy and Clare were asked by the board to contact nominees from last year to see if people are still willing to apply.  They     will bring a list of people to the March 15th meeting, then interview on March 22nd.


Meeting adjourned at 3:25pm