University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date: March 1, 2002


In Attendance: Julia Dabbs, Anna Droznek, Amy McGovern, Sarah Mattson, LeAnn Dean, Karen Johnson, Clare Strand


Guests: Leah Mullenbach, MPIRG women’s task force, Robynne Curlee, WRC


Not Present:  Karen Ellis, Maggie Larson




Items discussed: Women’s Week, brochure distribution, draft memo to CAC and WRC about on-going support for Women’s week and/or keynote speaker, Nursing Mothers Room, updates needed to CW website, future agenda items.



Conclusions: Women’s Week production of Vagina Monologues generated $1000 donated to the Stevens County Crisis Center.  MPIRG women’s task force will present programs about sexual assault to high school prior to prom.


Brochure distribution will take place in fall.  There are some minor revisions to be done yet this spring.   Also, display about the CW will be created for the Student Center posted during Orientation next fall.  Amy and LeAnn will work on this.


Karen Johnson offered to rework the draft memo. It will be brought back to the board.


Nursing Mothers Room is just about ready. Sarah Mattson is working on how to get the word out.  CW will help pay printing cost if a flyer is produced.


Karen Johnson offered to assist Clare in evaluating the CW web site.


Future agenda items will include; specifics on brochure distribution (how many, to whom, where), CW Board membership and possible revisions (make it smaller), subcommittees, how to meet the goal in revised brochure: To recognize and celebrate UMM women's accomplishments and contributions, find out about projects and research going on about women by faculty, students, and staff perhaps something from the capstone course in the women’s studies major could be included.




Next Board Meeting:  March 22, 2002 9:30-10:30 in Behmler Conference Room