Commission on Women Meeting           March 15th, 2004


Present- Tammy Faux (Coordinator), Miriam Panton, Christy Dent, LeAnne Dean, Clare

Strand, Steph Charboneau, Randi Peterson, Michelle Page, Pareena Lawrence,       

              Jessica Nagel


Absent- Tammy Berberi, Colleen Frey


Meeting began at 2:30pm


- Grant request from Women’s Studies:

            Discussion of using excess money from carry over budget to support Women’s Studies to purchase seven films that will be housed in the library.  It will be a total of $1000.


- Grant request from Sarah Buchanan:

            Request for $400 to support Sarah and a student going to a conference in Madison. They are going to gather information to support a senior project and teaching. CW would like to see and hear what they got out of the conference (presentation to CW)


- Discussion of reducing yearly budget:

            Although CW was spared budget cuts this year; a voluntary reduction is seen as a goodwill gesture towards the campus.  Discussion of cuts of 3%, 5%, or 8%; decision to reduce budget permanently by 4.4%, $400, from SE & E.


- Next step in hiring coordinators for next year:

            Discussion of ideas in finding new coordinator: call for applications, new nominations, possibly starting in CW.  Discussion of faculty-staff co-chairs.  CW board nominated faculty members. Tammy F. will talk to these people by March 29th and report back to the board.


- “Talking 9-5” lecture/workshop opportunity:

            CW will promote it, moved to May 10th. [Note – this has been moved to fall]


- Discussion: few women are full professors


- CW will let Chancellor Schuman know that the agenda for the March 29 th has changed, and ask if he still wants to come to the meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 3:35pm