University of Minnesota, Morris


Commission on Women


Advisory Board Meeting Summary




Date: March 21, 2003


In Attendance: Leann Dean, Anna Dronzek, Carol Ford, Miriam Panton, Clare Strand


Guests: Pieranna Garavaso


Not Present: Argie Manolis, Amy McGovern, Shezwae Fleming, Karen Johnson, Tammy Faux, Julia Dabbs (on leave)


Items discussed: All members present agreed with changing the by-laws such that the make up of the CW will be; 3 faculty/teaching PA + 3 non-teaching PA + 3 csbu staff + coordinator, past coordinator and when possible coordinator elect.  Other board members will be contacted by Clare to also vote on the proposed change. 


Clare will contact all board member to determine how many vacancies will be available to UMM women for the next two-year term.



The $2500 earmarked for "initiative grants" was discussed and agreement reached on how to use it.  Details will be available at the spring luncheon.


A $300 grant was awarded to Shezwae for her attendance at a conference in Boston. At a later meeting she will present what she learned there.


New space- Pieranna shared historical information her involvement as previous CW Coordinator to obtain permanent space for CW and the move toward sharing space with Women's Resource Center (WRC).  Although the preferred location was the Student Center at that time there was nothing available so the chosen location was the (now torn down) P.E. Annex building.  CW had a separate office along with shared meeting space with WRC which worked well because the times of day that each group might use the space did not conflict.  There was also a desire to strengthen CW's connection to students with shared issues and concerns by sharing a "center".


Past examples of survey were copied and given to board members. They should be helpful in determining how to go about starting such a survey and what questions to ask and the type of information the board wishes to get. The board also discussed how past surveys have been helpful in initiating changes on campus like the procurement of a female doctor in Health Services and the Morris Area Child Care Center.


Be on the lookout for the spring Newsletter!

LeAnn shared information about a seminar entitled "Talking 9 to 5" being held on TC campus and Clare volunteered to pursue bringing this to UMM via our HR office.


Next Meeting:  April 4