Commission on Women Meeting           March 29th, 2004


Present- Tammy Faux (Coordinator), Miriam Panton, Christy Dent, LeAnn Dean, Clare

Strand, Steph Charboneau, Michelle Page, Pareena Lawrence, Tammy Berberi,      

              Jessica Nagel


Absent- Colleen Frey, Randi Peterson


Meeting began at 2:30pm


- Approval of last meeting’s minutes

            A few changes made, otherwise approved.


- “Talking 9-5” will be moved to fall 2004.

            CW will sponsor and advertise for the workshop on Tuesday May 11th.


- Discussion on coordinator’s position for next year

·        No faculty contacted were able to fill the CW position at this late of notice – schedules already set or workloads too intense to take on something additional

·        One faculty may be able to take the position if it was split as co-coordinators

·        Options: co-coordinators for position

·        Look for a staff person for the Coordinator position

·        Decision not have co-coordinators for next year as the board was not prepared to make the drastic departure from the current protocol

·        Sara Haugen was nominated as a staff person who could fill the Coordinator position.  Discussion on Sara’s past experience as Coordinator and current connections with student groups would help CW make more solid connections with women’s student organizations.

·        Motion to contact Sara Haugen to be coordinator for the next two years, possibly three years.  If she is interested, questions will be e-mailed to her then an interview will be conducted.

- Newsletter update

            Sent to all employees on campus, WRC, WOCA, MPIRG, and to the Info desk.


Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm