University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date:  April 4, 2002


In Attendance:  Clare Strand, Karen Johnson, Karen Ellis, LeAnn Dean, Sarah Mattson, Amy McGovern, Anna Dronzek


Guests:  Shezwae Fleming, Leah Mullenbach


Not Present: Julia Dabbs, Maggie Larson


Items discussed:  Sheila Wellstone’s visit to campus will start with a dinner involving UMM faculty, students, staff, CW board members as well as representatives from the community.  Her talk will take place in the Alumni Room of the Student Center at 7 pm and a reception will follow.  Publicity by Amy McGovern (and Judy Riley in University Relations) is underway.  Maggie is helping plan the events, along with Maddy Maxeiner who will represent the Chancellor.


Membership on the board for next year allows for 5 positions.  Karen Ellis and Sarah Mattson have completed the second year of a second term and must go off the board. (They were heartily invited to stay involved via subcommittee participation).  Nominating procedures, subcommittee structure and issues of inclusion were discussed.


Leah reported that the MPIRG Women’s Task Force is doing a series of programs at high schools in the region to raise awareness of and generate discussion about date rape.  Also April 23rd there will be a “safe campus” rally held.


The Board members took a tour of the NEW Nursing Mothers Room  given by Sarah Mattson who has worked for several years to bring this to fruition.



Conclusions:  In regards to filling board positions everyone agreed to send nomination procedure (letter) to everyone on campus and invite nominations of women to fill two faculty/teaching PA positions, plus 3 staff positions.  Volunteers for subcommittees will also be solicited. Subcommittees will include; programs surrounding Women in Athletics, Women’s Week, Menopause, Financial Planning, Working Moms, Grants subcommittee, MACCC liaison, Publicity subcommittee, and CW website.


 Discussion and/or election of new board members should take place at the April 19th meeting with a joint meeting of this year’s board and next year’s board on May 3.


Next Board Meeting:   Friday, April 19, 2002.