Commission on Women Meeting           April 12th, 2004


Present- Tammy Faux (Coordinator), Christy Dent, LeAnn Dean, Clare Strand,

Steph Charboneau, Pareena Lawrence, Randi Peterson, Colleen Frey,         

Jessica Nagel

Guest - Sara Haugen

Absent- Miriam Panton, Michelle Page, Tammy Berberi      


Meeting began at 2:30pm


- Coordinator Interview Questions for Sara Haugen:

            Discussion and questions directed to and from Sara.


- Discussion of CW Coordinator position and decision on hiring:

            Tammy will recommend by formal letter to the Chancellor for Sara Haugen to be Coordinator for two, possibly three years and ask that this be publicized to the campus.


- Next year’s board:

            Tammy will send an email out asking for nominations to be given to her by April 19th, she will then get the names to the board in time to be voted on at the April 26th meeting. 


- Approval of last meeting’s minutes:

            Change made to discussion on Coordinator position.  Tammy will update and bring back to the Board. “Board voted on not having a Co-coordinator position, looked at other options and nominated Sara Haugen.”


- Budget issue:

            CW has not spent all of its allocation.  Next year - increase amount of money for travel grants.  Use money from this year to increase activities for next year – work with next year’s coordinator on plan.


- Steph – Update on Washington D.C. trip and grant request:

            Request from Steph to go to D.C. for a march of $300, will benefit 16 students.  CW members recommended accepting grant application and funding of $300.


Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm