University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date:  April 19, 2002


In Attendance: Clare Strand, Julia Dabbs, Karen Ellis, Anna Dronzek,


Guests: none


Not Present: Karen Johnson, Amy McGovern, LeAnn Dean, Sarah Mattson, Maggie Larson


Items discussed:


Arrangements for Sheila Wellstone visit on Monday April 22, 2002 are in place.   This should be a very good event.


Election of new board members.


Argie Manolis- Faculty/ teaching PA

Shezwae Fleming- PA (nonteaching)

Carol Ford- civil service/bargaining unit

Jami Streed- civil service/bargaining unit


Everyone nominated who was not elected to be on the board will be invited to participate in CW subcommittees.


Structure of subcommittees for 2002-2003 will include:


Grants; MACCC liaison; Publicity; Web; Events Planning: Women in Athletics, Women’s Week, Menopause, Working Moms, Financial Planning


Clare shared with everyone a note from Maggie Larson to continue supporting the CW as a consultant for events planning.


It was also suggested that CW board and WOST advisory committee meet jointly, possibly once per semester.



There was also discussion started about adding an ex-officio permanent member of the CW board.   One main advantage would be institutional memory/ consistency.  Other committees/ board have this in place, e.g. Alumni Association Board of Directors and Scholastic Committee.  One suggestion was to consider what position on campus best fits this role, e.g. the Chancellor is ex-officio on CRPC committee.  Wider discussion needed with the intent of putting this into place next year.


Next Board Meeting:  Final meeting of the year, May 3rd, 9:30, Prairie Lounge