University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date:   April 25, 2003


In Attendance:  Clare Strand,  LeAnn Dean, Miriam Panton


Not Present:  note: all other board members had prior commitments


Items discussed:   Spring Luncheon details, assistance needed, and give away items purchased.




Stress reduction information will be available to participants throughout the house. Handouts and samples on these topics: aromatherapy provided by Gail Hockert and Jane Kill; relaxation provided by Lori Koshork; chocolate provided by Shezwae Fleming; music by Deb Mahoney; massage provided by Christine Dent; fridge magnets, pens, canvas bags for previous board members, and fruit pizza dessert provided by Commission on Women; poster entitled “tend and befriend” provided by Shannon Kielblock; lovely stress-free environment of the LaFave house provided by Maggie Larson, Nancy Schuman et. Al.


Post event note: attendance included more than 80 women including retirees, faculty spouses, staff and faculty.  Many positive comments were expressed.  Some suggested making this an annual event. Apologies to all who wished to attend but could not due to conflicts such as class.


Next Board Meeting with new board members to be held in August. 


The 2003-2004 CW board members are:


Tammy Faux- coordinator

Clare Strand- past coordinator

Argie Manolis- returning

Pareena Lawrence- new

Michelle Page- new

LeAnn Dean- returning

Jen Zych- new

?- new

Miriam Panton- returning

Carol Ford- returning

Colleen Frey- new


Anyone interested in participating in the CW via subcommittee is welcome.

Contact the coordinator.