University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date:  May 3, 2002   


In Attendance:  LeAnn Dean, Sarah Mattson, Julia Dabbs, Amy McGovern, Clare Strand and new board members; Jamie Streed, Carol Ford, Shezwae Fleming


Guests:  Robynne Curlee, WRC and Sara Mennen MPIRG Women’s Task Force


Not Present:  Karen Ellis, Karen Johnson, Maggie Larson, Anna Dronzek, and new board member Argie Manolis


Items discussed:


WRC outgoing co-chair Robynne Curlee said that next year’s co-chairs will be Laura Knight with Ilona Moore (fall) and Janelle LaCouisier (spring).  Next year will be the year for the Women’s Conference (which is every other year), plus Love Your Body day and Women’s Week.  Sara Mennen reported that MPIRG is planning to sponsor the annual Take Back the Night event and that she is also Morris Administrative Intern for sexual assault awareness. 




Action Taken: 


Fall 2002 board meetings to be held every other Tuesday starting second week of class

Time will be 9:30-10:30 OR 9:00-10:00, place to be determined.


Subcommittee structure for 2002-3 was finalized (members of the UMM community still welcome to join subcommittees—list will be on the web or contact Clare x6026)


CW brochure changes approved. Will be reprinted this summer for fall distribution.


The revised version of the memo endorsing CW commitment to Women’s Week was approved. Note: updated and sent to WRC, CAC and Carol McCannon by coor.



Conclusions:   Additional meetings will be held in May to outline programs for the series on Menopause and to select name recognition promotional items.


Web subcommittee will update CW website over the summer.


Next Board Meeting:   Tuesday,  September 3rd 2002 (time and location tbd)