University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date:  September 2, 2002


In Attendance:  Clare Strand, Karen Johnson, Miriam Panton, Julia Dabbs, Anna Dronzek, LeAnn Dean, Argie Manolis, Amy McGovern, Carol Ford

Not Present:  Shezwae Fleming

Guests:  Sara Mennen, MPIRG women’s task force &  assault prevention intern

               Laura Knight, Women’s Resource Center co-chair


Items discussed: 


Introductions and team player styles of everyone opened the meeting. Reports from Menopause subcommittee indicated a scaling back of planned programming. The publicity subcommittee introduced the idea of producing several newsletters this year. Sara Mennen reported on the Gender Violence Prevention programs sponsored by Student Counseling coming up later this week.


Main focus of this first meeting was on setting goals and priorities for the year plus the budget proposed by the Coordinator.  The UMM Strategic Three-Year Plan was distributed along with other materials to facilitate discussion.


Coordinator will continue to attend key Campus Assembly committee meetings.


One overarching goal for this year will be VISIBILITY plus previously established subcommittee structure. Subcommittees include: Grants Awarding; Publicity; Women’s Week; CW website; Menopause; Women & Athletics; New location for Women’s Center; Working Moms; Women & Finance.   An additional subcommittee may be needed to develop a survey of the climate for women at UMM.  Persons interested in joining a subcommittee can contact Clare Strand.


CW did not receive any work study funding.  The board recommended using a portion of the CW budget to hire a student approx. 4 hours a week to assist the Coordinator.  One project for this person will be compiling a comprehensive list of grant monies awarded by the CW since its inception for the newsletter and the web. 


There will be a series of newsletters produced this year.  The current plan is to distribute it to all faculty and staff.  There was discussion about how the newsletter can best reach students also.  Many ideas for content are e.g. research being done by faculty and staff about women, classes being taught that focus on women, women athletes at UMM, student organizations that are about women, wise women at UMM. Additional suggestions can be given to any board member.


First two items the board will address is revision of UMM catalog copy (pg. 29) and soliciting nominations for the 2003-5 Faculty Coordinator for the CW.   Additional goals will be set at future meetings.


Next Board Meeting:  September 17