9-2-03 Commission on Women Agenda and Minutes


1.      Introductions

2.      Volunteer to take notes – Thanks LeAnn!

3.      Mother’s Room Key – there is a push to move the key to the Info desk to make is more easily accessible.  CW is not asked to take action at this time, but to know about this and offer support if needed (key is now kept in 3rd fl. Behmler

4.      Minutes – send out to CW, read, bring comments to next meeting, once approved, Tammy sends to “Minutes” and Clare posts on web.

5.      Clare will continue to update the CW webpages.

6.      Space sharing – put on hold for this year until budget straightens out and Social Science project is underway or complete.  Group consensus – continue to share current WRC space.

7.      Suggestion to Tammy – prepare and present a 2003-04 budget for CW to approve. Will be done for Sept. 9 meeting.

8.      Hiring a student worker? Tabled until budget discussion.

9.      Sponsor reception for Coleen Rowley (Oct. 27) "Ethical Decision Making and Courageous Leadership:  An Evening with FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley." – Table until budget discussion ($80).

10.  Future meetings – 3 in Sept, then every other week.

Meetings are 1:45-2:45.

Sept. 9  McGinnis Room, 1st floor, Library

Sept. 23 Prairie Lounge, Student Center (note - PL is reserved from 1:30-3:00 for all meetings, so it is available if subcommittees need to meet for a few minutes before or after the meeting)

Oct. 7  Room 360, 3rd floor library

Oct. 21 Prairie Lounge, Student Center

Nov. 4 Prairie Lounge, Student Center

Nov.. 18 Prairie Lounge, Student Center

Dec. 2 Prairie Lounge, Student Center

Dec. 16 Prairie Lounge, Student Center


11.  Request to create orientation materials for new members.  Tammy F will bring brochures to next meeting.  Clare will look for and send last year’s summary of activities.

12.  Old business from last year

·        LaFave House gathering well attended!

13.  Planning for the new year

·        “mandatory or regular” items

§         Newletter

§        Is there support to continue?  Seemed to be support, but also need to determine budget needs.

14.   Next meeting – budget presentation by Tammy F; brainstorming project ideas and goals for this year.  Please come with a list of ideas.  Just discussing at Sept. 9 meeting.  Choosing at Sept. 23 meeting.