Commission on Women Meeting           September 9, 2003


Present: LeAnn Dean, Tammi Berberi, Tammy Faux (Coordinator), Clare Strand, Michelle Page, Colleen Frey, Christy Dent, Pareena Lawrence , Miriam Panton


Absent: Carol Ford, Jen Zych


Meeting began at 1:45.


- Call for additional new agenda items. No new agenda items to add.


- Minutes from last meeting were approved. Format of minutes (as a summary, rather than verbatim report) approved.


- Review of proposed budget for this year. This year’s budget includes an additional $340 in expenses due to the need to pay for the coordinator’s phone and computer hookups. Also was an increase in the revenue sharing tax from 6% to 7.5%. The proposed budget is based on the $9000 allocation only, and does not include the $10,000 carryover. Discussion of budget breakdown (details) continued – focusing on grant proposal (introduction of breast cancer awareness proposal – see below), educational co-sponsorships (side note discussion on co-sponsoring reception for Colleen Rowley – see below), newsletter – allotment diminished to $200 (2 newsletters at $100/each), student worker (reduction in funding available – bringing hours able to offer to 2.5/week), drastic reduction in copying/printing budget to $25 – propose to do majority of communication online or in

e-mail (this helps cover the revenue sharing increase).

Summary: Committed budget has $6900 in it, $2380 already allocated to spend.


Brief discussion and explanation of grant categories.


A grant proposal requesting funding for the promotion of breast cancer awareness was reviewed by the Commission. Student proposes to knit large pink scarves (symbolically representing large breast cancer awareness ribbon). Scarves will be sold on campus (available in booths during certain events) and at Common Cup. All proceeds will go to breast cancer research. Request is for $150 for the purchase of skeins of yarn. This type of grant usually funded for $100, committee agreed.


Co-sponsorship of the reception for Colleen Rowley was discussed. The question was raised if the Commission was the sole source of funding for the reception, as $80 would not provide for much – food expenses being costly. The coordinator stated that $80 was the amount requested from the Commission for co-sponsorship by Carol McCannon (the chair of the group planning the event).


Coordinator foresees potential for overages in budget as currently proposed. Open debate on how handle possible overages. Suggestions: 1) leave budget as proposed, and hope no other dollar considerations occur. 2) Reduce development grants from $800 to $660 and educational co-sponsorships from $1,000 to $800. This will cover the additional expenses for the coordinator’s phone and computer hookups. 3) Take money from the carryover to pay the new expenses. In the past the Commission has opted to leave the carryover for special projects, keeping all operating expenses in the allocated budget.



Summary: budget and related funding items put to the committee for vote:

            1) $80 to co-sponsor reception for speaker Colleen Rowley

            APPROVED (as long as dollar amount is firm).


            2) Fund breast cancer grant proposal at $100 (instead of requested $150)



            3) Hire student worker for 2.5 hours/week (36.5 hours/semester)



            4) Proposed budget with dollar amount changes to development grants and

            educational co-sponsorships to cover added operating expenses



- Review of the Commission on Women’s mission and goals.


- Brainstorming session on what the Commission would like to accomplish this year. Suggestions included:


Ø      RFC mother’s room/child care while working out

Ø      The coordinator present at other committee’s meetings

Ø      Women’s swimming/wrestling – Title IX compliance

Ø      Promote Title IX awareness

Ø      Promote awareness of sexual assault among staff

Ø      Campus-wide survey - what would the campus like to see CW do? (campus-wide needs assessment)

Ø      Relationship between women and labor (work) – local parallels to world and campus situations – awareness of local and global level of relationship between women and labor

Ø      pros/cons of labor movement, how affect women in daily lives

Ø      Solicit a project for a project about women and labor

Ø      Sponsor a speaker, expert, researcher on women and labor – come to campus

Ø      Author of Nickel and Dimed as a speaker

Ø      Trip to see play Nickel and Dimed at Guthrie (open to all campus)

Ø      Series on women and finance – Tamela Spear (?)  - local – would lead series for free.

Ø      Impact of budget cuts on female workers on campus

Ø      Maternity/family leaves impacts on female workers on campus

Ø      Identify people (on campus) as resources whom others may talk to – people as resources for different topics

Ø      Who/how backfill positions when leave takes place

Ø      Others added:

Ø      Spring social/networking event to take place during or near women’s week

Ø      Planning for 2005 Women’s Week

Ø      Time Study – any way to arrange the class schedule to allow for meetings? Is there a need for this?


- The coordinator requests Commission members think about the top 5 priorities they would like to see the Commission accomplish this year. Rank/prioitize list and bring to next meeting for discussion. If more ideas arise before the next meeting, e-mail them to the coordinator by the end of this week.


Meeting adjourned at 2:50.