University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date:  September 17, 2002


In Attendance:  LeAnn Dean, Miriam Panton, Argie Manolis, Carol Ford, Shezwae Fleming, Anna Dronzek, Julie Dabbs, Karen Johnson            


Guests:  Dian Lopez, MACCC Subcommittee; Sara Mennen, MPIRG Women’s Task Force, violence prevention intern


Not Present:  Amy McGovern, Laura Knight WRC


Announcements:  Shannon Kielblock has been hired to work 4 hours/week for the CW.  Money has been budgeted to provide phone to the coordinator’s backfill staff person in the Registrar’s Office.  


Morris Area Child Care Center (MACCC) liaison Dian Lopez updated the board on recent developments.  Most notable is the new partnership with Head Start. This program has its Morris headquarters next to the MACCCenter at West Wind Village (formerly Villa). She noted the childcare center came into existence because of the CW.


Sara M. reported that MVP training held recently was successful and the 14 participants are continuing to meet and considering creating their own student organization. They will be doing floor programs in the Residence Halls during October (Domestic Violence prevention awareness month)


Take Back the Night event is scheduled for October 24, at 7 pm in Edson Auditorium.

Karen Johnson suggested that effort be made to reach out to high school girls regarding this, in addition to the date rape awareness already being done around prom time.


Agenda Items discussed:


Discussion of proposed updates to CW section of the UMM catalog.  Suggestions centered on emphasizing what we are about and how CW affects students.  Coordinator will revise as directed.


Discussion about maintaining the e-mail list entitled “ummwomen” concluded that communication can now go to facpa / usa email lists which reach everyone.  If there is a need to only communicate with women a printed mailing can be sent via Duplicating Services  (thanks Nancy Volker !)


Discussion turned to process for finding the next CW coordinator.   Conclusion is that there are others to consult with, new models to explore, and possibly time for a change.  This will be the main item for the agenda at the next board meeting: Tuesday October 1, at 9:00 am in the Prairie Lounge.