Sept. 23, 2003 Commission on Women Minutes


1.      Members present: Tammy Berberi, Pareena Lawrence, Colleen Frey, LeAnn Dean, Christine Dent, Clare Strand, Tammy Faux (Coordinator)

2.      Sept. 9th minutes approved with no discussion.

3.      Minutes distribution.  Members chose to distribute minutes to the campus by sending an email containing a link to the minutes pages on the web page.  Although it is sort of a toss up, members felt that it would be potentially beneficial to have community members using a link to see minutes – maybe some would view our pages, also.

Once minutes are approved by CE, Tammy will email the final copy to Clare, who will post to the webpage and send the link to Tammy who will forward this to Facpa and USA lists.

4.      Members discussed the Priorities list that was brainstormed at the Sept. 9th meeting.  Following explanation of different ideas, members reported their rankings for top priorities.  The following were the top responses:

§         A series on women and finance (information on developing a portfolio, investing, saving, etc)

§         The relationship between women and labor (workforce issues) as a major topic for educational events

§         Look into bringing the author of “Nickel and Dimed” to UMM

§         Develop a campus-wide survey to ask what the campus would like to see CW doing

§         Plan a spring social/networking event to take place during or near Women’s Week in February

§         Promote Title IX awareness

5.      Discussion followed this identification of priorities – it is apparent that there is a good deal of energy on this Commission!  Commission members would like to work closely with WRC to assist in planning Women’s Week 2005 to hopefully include this women and workforce idea, and possibly help plan daily events for WW 2004. 

6.      Members were asked to come to the next meeting prepared to offer ideas on how to move ahead with this set of priorities, including identifying areas in which they would like to serve as a subcommittee. Ideas for the survey will also be addressed at the next meeting.

7.      Tammy agreed to proceed with planning the women and finance workshop and will report back to CW on plans for this during the next meeting

8.      Update from after the meeting – the Mother’s Room key has moved from Human Resources to Student Activities and the Info Desk.  Congratulations to Rita on a great idea!

9.      Update from just after the meeting - New Student worker for CW – Jessica Nagel (, phone x6689