University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date: October 5, 2001                       


In Attendance: Leslie Meek, Karen Ellis, Amy McGovern, Anna Dronzek (new faculty member joining the board), Sarah Mattson, LeAnn Dean, Clare Strand


Guests: none


Not Present: Julia Dabbs, Maggie Larson Dylla (note: Karen Johnson had to resign due to other commitments)


Items discussed:  Posters and bookmarks regarding UMM Advocate agains Sexual Violence were made available as well as posters from the TC Office of University Women regarding “Holding up the U” video to be show at the first in a series of Seminars at Lunch.


The main focus of the discussion was on goal setting and establishing priorities for the Commission on Women this year.




Clare will send notice to ummwomen e-mail list regarding availability of a civil service/bargaining unit staff representative opening on the board.


From the goal setting activity:

CW activities/initiatives that will be continued this year are; regular board meetings; representation on CRPC, Curriculum, Scholastic and Student Services committees; co-sponsorship of Women’s Week speaker; development of ‘mother’s/parents’ room’ in the Student Center tunnel; participation in major searches (if applicable).


CW activities that will be revamped this year are; grants (more structure); mentoring; Brown Bags; Dinners and Luncheons; possibly workshops.


NEW INITIATIVES include; develop a ‘purpose statement’ to describe priorities for this year; document a history of the Commission on Women at UMM (put on website); explore relationship with Women’s Resource Center and how it might change; pursue permanent office space; be more of an advocate; bring Dir. of the Office of University Women to Morris (probably January) and have focus groups on the future of the CW at UMM; do more public relations.

Action taken:


Next Board Meeting: Friday Oct.19th, 9:30-10:30. Discussion of new grant structure.