Commission on Women Meeting           October 7, 2003


Attended- Colleen Frey, Clare Strand, Michelle Page, Christy Dent, Miriam Panton, LeAnn   Dean, Carol Ford, Tammy Faux (Coordinator), Pareena Lawrence, Jessica Nagel


Absent- Tammi Berberi, Jen Zych


Meeting began at 1:45pm


- Review and approve last meeting’s minutes.  Approved.


- Introduced Jessica Nagel, new student worker.


- Steph Charboneau, a WRC representative to CW was not in attendance.  A closer and better relationship between the two groups is desired.  Next meeting the relationship will be discussed, Steph will report from WRC. 


- Give away gift boxes- Clare received a gift box containing samples. These were handed out to students during homecoming, and many extra boxes remain. It was thought the CW would hand them out, they are being referred back to the WRC to give to students, along with extra items from the Breast Cancer Awareness week last year.


- Grant proposal-  Last weekend Pieranna Garavaso and two students attended a conference.  The proposal was for $500. The idea of a subcommittee to approve grants was suggested.  LeAnn, Christy, Michelle and Tammy will be the subcommittee.  For the next meeting everyone should read what is on the web regarding grants.  There should be a minimum of two weeks notification prior to when the funds will be used.


- For next meeting, look at budget on grants, possibly change.


- Carol’s report on the newsletter- it will have a history section, a feature on one board member, a section on women’s athletics. It was decided women’s soccer was Title IX related. Pareena and Carol will work on this article. An article will be on priorities, and current board members, one article/feature will be on a woman mentor, Pieranna Garavaso was chosen.


Priorities for Commission on Women:

-         Seminar Woman and Finance: Building your Portfolio. (Tammy F) How the seminar will be set up was discussed; fifteen people or less, possibly four weeks instead of six, limited enrollment, register in advance, topic ideas on flyer are all potential ideas for the seminar.

-         Colleen and Miriam will plan the spring luncheon, with assistance from Clare. Discussed March as Women’s Month, and Women’s Week in February.

- Discussed Women and Workforce, Michelle, Pareena and possibly Tammy B will work on this, possible campus survey.


-         Idea about getting Nickel and Dimed author to come to UMM (LeAnn and Christy)

-         Christy will get information on Nancy Hulse, possible speaker who does presentations on Help make Violence against Women History.

-         Campus wide survey  - Tammy F will work on, but needs help to get this to work

-         Tile IX awareness – article in newsletter


- For next meeting- survey results


Meeting adjourned at 2:50pm