University of Minnesota, Morris


Commission on Women


Advisory Board Meeting Summary


Date: October 22, 2002


In Attendance: Julia Dabbs, Anna Dronzek, Argie Manolis, Leann Dean, Shezwae Fleming, Amy McGovern, Carol Ford, Karen Johnson, Miriam Panton, Clare Strand


Guests: Sara Mennen MPIRG


Items discussed: Updates and announcements: informal reports were given by the newsletter subcommittee, new space subcommittee, and athletic subcommittee.


The first item discussed was how the board wanted meeting minutes to be constructed. A concern was that individual attributed comments were not entirely accurate. A suggestion was made that minutes go out to the board for review before being sent to the campus community. The board voted and agreed to include attribution of comments and that minutes would be reviewed by the board before being sent out to the rest of the campus.


The board continued its discussion of what to do about the next coordinator.  Some “potential” nominees had been contacted to get feedback about whether or not they would be able to serve as Coordinator.  Most people who were interviewed said no. There were a number of obstacles such as; they couldn’t commit for two years; they were not able to get release time because discipline it too small; their courses are team taught or might be interdisciplinary; some are already committed to other projects.  Should the board pursue a new model?  Timing is relevant.  A different model has been discussed by previous boards and should be looked at again.




Conclusions:   The board will seek faculty/teaching PA coordinator nominees using similar processes from past years however to save cost e-mail will be used instead of printed nomination forms.   The nominations will be due Nov 4, the discussion of nominees will be Nov 5, and interviews will hopefully take place at the Nov 19 board meeting. Nominees may consider a one or two year term.


A scheduled meeting will be set aside to bring in a facilitator in to guide discussion and brainstorming for restructuring the CW board-Coordinator set up on Dec 3.



Next Board Meeting:. Nov. 5th