University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary


Date: Nov 5, 2002


In Attendance: Clare Strand, Anna Dronzek, Leann Dean, Miriam Panton, Carol Ford, Julia Dabbs


Guests: none


Not Present: Karen Johnson, Amy McGovern, Shezwae Fleming, Argie Manolis


Items discussed: The first item discussed was nominations for the CW Coordinator received by email. The board decided to let the nominees know they were nominated and ask if they will accept the nominations. The nominees will then receive questions and a job description and asked to meet with the board to respond to the questions.


The second item discussed was the brown bag lunch for breast cancer awareness. Amanda and Amy did an excellent job on their presentation. Attendance included a number of students as well as some faculty and staff.  The coordinator questioned whether this was a good time of day to try and do events because faculty/staff turnout was low.


The third and last item discussed was informal reports from subcommittees. Publicity: Carol is editing  the newsletter, it should be coming out in Nov. It will be about four pages and sent out to all faculty and staff with extra copies made available for students in places such as the Info Desk of the Student Center.  Menopause subcommittee; the videos that Clare has on the subject would get better usage if they were on reserve at UMM Briggs Library and/or the Morris Public Library.  There are also some books the CW could donate to the UMM Briggs library on this subject, Clare will propose a list to the board in the future and develop a “Donated by the Commission on Women” bookplate.


MACCC: the commission was approached to give money to the center so that some parents could drop off their kids to study at night for a couple hours. This is most likely too expensive for the CW to fund. Alternative suggestions were explored and will be shared with the inquirer.



Next Board Meeting: Candidates for Coordinator are tentatively scheduled to interview during the next board meeting, Nov 19 between 9:00-10:30 am in the Prairie Lounge.