University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date: November 16, 2001                


In Attendance:  LeAnn Dean, Julia Dabbs, Clare Strand, Karen Ellis, Karen Johnson


Guests: none


Not Present: Amy McGovern, Maggie Larson Dylla, Anna Dronzek, Sarah Mattson, Leslie Meek


Items discussed:  CoSponsoring Polly Mann visit;  bringing Judy Goldstein to UMM, whether or not to join the Cougar Club; additional Seminars at Lunch to be set up.



Conclusions:  Yes, CW will co-sponsor visit of Polly Mann as part of its educational support for the campus; No, CW board members should participate in Cougar Club as individuals and not pool money to have representative membership as CW Board; pursue seminar at lunch with women’s athletes and their coaches and find our more about the Special Talent Scholarship; Yes, bring Judy Goldstein to UMM as a CW sponsored event-afternoon/hor’doureves early in Spring semester. Julie will contact Jess Larson about the February Seminar on appreciating art.


Action taken:  Board meetings will continue to be held every other Friday 9:30-10:30 a.m.—usually in Prairie Lounge (but not always) during Spring semester.


Karen Johnson rejoined the board.


Next Board Meeting:   November 30, 2001