University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



Date:  November 19, 2002


In Attendance:  Carol Ford, Miriam Panton, Julia Dabbs, Anna Dronzek, LeAnn Dean,

                             Argie Manolis, Clare Strand


Guests:  Sarah Mennen- MPIRG, Tammy Faux, Janet Ericksen


Not Present:  Amy McGovern, Shezwae Fleming, Karen Johnson



Items discussed:  Board members met with and asked questions of two outstanding applicants for the future Coordinator position.  All agreed that both have much to offer the CW and the community.  A formal recommendation will be forwarded to the Chancellor from the board with the expectation that an early decision will assist with planning.


Grant subcommittee needs additional information regarding the Multicultural Student Leadership Retreat request submitted to them.   It is expected that a recommendation from the subcommittee will be on the agenda for the next board meeting.


Another future agenda item will be discussion about recent developments in the all-University Faculty Consultative Committee with regards to campus governance being limited to tenured and tenure track faculty.





Next Board Meeting:  December 3rd, 9-10:30 Prairie Lounge with Dr. Fulda facilitating a discussion and brainstorming session about possibly restructuring the coordinator position and the CW advisory board.