University of Minnesota, Morris

Commission on Women

Advisory Board Meeting Summary



November 30, 2001


In Attendance: Julia Dabbs, Karen Ellis, Karen Johnson, Sarah Mattson, Anna Dronzek, Clare Strand


Guests: Robynne Curlee, Andrea Martin-Way (WRC)


Not Present: Amy McGovern, LeAnn Dean, Leslie Meek, Maggie Dylla Larson


Items discussed:


   1.Story Crone for Women’s Week

   2.Co-sponsorships for discipline speakers

   3.Relationship with WRC- Women’s Resource Center (Student Organization)



  1. Julie Goldstein from Twin Cities will be invited to participate in Women’s Week as an interactive performer who tells multi-cultural folktales of strong, wise women.  Event will be 4:00-6:00 approx. on Thursday Feb. 21, 2002.
  2. A set amount of the CW budget will be earmarked for educational co-sponsorships and available to the campus.
  3. CW and WRC will explore the possibility of continuing to share space and find a new place on campus together (current space is “TEMPORARY”).



Action taken: 

     Education/ Development portion of budget has been designated as follows: $200 for Seminars at Lunch series (2 per semester); $1000 for educational co-sponsorships (specifically, mileage to and from the TC which will be $100 per speaker); $800 for Educational Development programming (to be determined).




Next Board Meeting:  tentative: December 16th, from 9:30-10:30 in Prairie Lounge