Commission on Women Meeting           December 2, 2003


Present- Tammy Faux (Coordinator), Clare Strand, LeAnn Dean, Miriam Panton, Colleen Frey, Tammi Berberi, Michelle Page, Steph Carboneau, Pheobe Trepp


Absent- Jen Zych, Christy Dent, Carol Ford, Pareena Lawrence


Meeting began at 1:50pm


-  Review and approve November 18th minutes- Approved


- Discussion Women’s Week speaker for 2005- LeAnn, Tammi, and Christi will be

            involved in this.


- Discussion of past surveys- The 1994-1995 survey and questions asked in it.  Tammy will provide the results from a survey recently conducted by the EEO as soon as they become available.


- Discussion of representation of faculty on campus.


- Planning for the December 11th brown bag- An ad was placed in the University Register, along with invitations sent out by mail, an announcement will also be placed in the Weekly Bulletin. Request for women to present at the event. Each of the four student groups to find three to four women.


Meeting adjourned at 2:50pm